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Feb 2017
Francois W. Nel
Feb 17 2017 07:57
I recently uninstalled VS2015, which broke Rust. Now I'm trying to reinstall Rust using rustup-init, but it keeps saying that the C++ build tools are not installed. I have installed the standalone Visual Studio build tools, and have added MSBuild to my path, and have run vcvarsall x64 to set up the environment. Any ideas why rustup can't find the build tools?
Francois W. Nel
Feb 17 2017 08:29
Nevermind. Switched to a GNU toolchain which works for my purposes.
Peter Atashian
Feb 17 2017 09:51
@francoiswnel If Rustup says it can't find the build tools, just ignore rustup
@francoiswnel As long as rustc is able to work fine, then that's all that matters