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Feb 2017
Ingvar Stepanyan
Feb 24 2017 15:16
@ehiggs one correction: ok_or returns Result, which means you can collect only to Result<Vec<_>, _> too

given that at that point we already know that we have Some, might be better to do something like

stream.take_while(Option::is_some).filter_map(|m| m).collect::<Vec<_>>()

Ewan Higgs
Feb 24 2017 15:32
@RReverser thanks.
Milosz Tanski
Feb 24 2017 22:10
Is it possible to have cross C / C++ / Rust LTO in one final executable. I'm trying to into rust for small pieces into an existing project
Alexander Ronald Altman
Feb 24 2017 23:13
Maybe if you compile all of them into LLVM IR first, then LTO that? I don't know if that will actually work…