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Mar 2017
Hollin Wilkins
Mar 29 2017 03:49
Hey all, is there good documentation anywhere for writing C-level functions for a Rust library? I need to return pointers to allocated data structures and all that
Daniil Kolesnichenko
Mar 29 2017 05:48
@hollinwilkins read about raw pointers and then read Rustonomicon (e.g. "Implementing Vec" section)
Mar 29 2017 13:10 TW release the radar today...sad.....still no Rust.
Hollin Wilkins
Mar 29 2017 16:11
@KolesnichenkoDS Thanks for the links, looks like a nice source
Hollin Wilkins
Mar 29 2017 19:26
What is the preferred way to construct a slice from a C array? Is using std::slice::from_raw_parts acceptable because it does not cause Rust to take ownership of the underlying data?