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Apr 2017
Fadi Hanna Al-Kass
Apr 01 2017 04:45
Does anyone understand the magic behind struct serialization/deserialization? I'm trying to write a validation layer for a web framework that sits between incoming JSON data from an HTTP POST request and a JSON deserializer (JSON to struct).
Aleksey Kladov
Apr 01 2017 06:50
@AlKass It's called Macros 1.1. You might want to take a look at
Fadi Hanna Al-Kass
Apr 01 2017 07:12
that helped a lot. thank you
Apr 01 2017 16:56
I don't know anything about native code debugging, but I'm trying to start. I've got a VS Code setup which I can compile and run just fine, but I'm having problems with a winapi-related refactor that I'm pretty sure has to do with a string encoding or pointer or something. So it's got to be on Windows and I'd like it to be integrated into VS Code. I can't find any guidance on this (that I recognize/comprehend, anyway). Anyone know how to use windbg, cdb or something else that's Windows native, and especially know how to integrate it into VS Code (if that can even be done? I don't see an extension for it, but maybe an extension isn't necessary). gdb seems to require cygwin ming compatibility layer that I don't know much about and not sure if it works transparently with winapi stuff