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May 2017
Andrey Lesnikov
May 26 2017 05:52
Hi. How can I check in compile-time if panic is set to "abort" in cargo?
The only way I see is to parse RUSTFLAGS environment variable in, but it seems too hacky
May 26 2017 22:54
Hey, I have a trait in a file. The actual program compiles but when i try to compile the tests with cargo test i am getting
error: no method named `to_contents` found for type `std::path::PathBuf` in the current scope
in the same file. The test module has use super::* I really am not sure why the traits aren't being imported into the test module. I've tried to explicitly use util::* in the test module is the module. Maybe this is is just really simple but i can't figure it out
so, cargo build works where other modules are able to use the trait methods. It's just the test module from what i can tell.
May 26 2017 23:54
heh, nm, turns out i just spelled the trait method wrong in the tests...fml