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Aug 2017
Sebastian Blei
Aug 18 2017 07:10
Could anybody tell me about the warnings and why they exist?
Ah, ok. Got it. The compiler is just telling me, that the first assigned value has not been read.
Răzvan Flavius Panda
Aug 18 2017 09:48
Anyone would be interested in joining a group about artificial general intelligence / strong AI?
Zhigang Song
Aug 18 2017 09:49
Joonas Koivunen
Aug 18 2017 14:35
is there an official term/name/... for the _ variable binding?
Jonas Platte
Aug 18 2017 14:37
I'd just refer to it as "underscore let binding" if I was searching for it
I don't think there is an official term for it
Kevin K.
Aug 18 2017 14:37
I've never heard one for it
Joonas Koivunen
Aug 18 2017 14:38
@jplatte I guess the underscore is more greppable or searchable (in source code), good point...
Aug 18 2017 16:41
Aug 18 2017 17:01
Isn't it more wildcard than default?
Aug 18 2017 17:01
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Aug 18 2017 17:02
I usually call it „garbage“ variable or „throw-away“ variable. But I don't think that is in any way official.
Grégoire Geis
Aug 18 2017 17:46
I don't know about Rust, but I believe it's called a "discard" in many programming languages.