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Aug 2017
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Aug 31 2017 05:40
@alteous Is there a very good reason for doing that? You just take another name by that and confuse people, because now they can't upgrade easily, they don't know what to look for, etc... Anyway, technically it's as @jamessan said, so there's no „true“ rename.
David Harvey-Macaulay
Aug 31 2017 09:26
@vorner Not really. I'm just debating between two names for a new crate and wondered if I could change my mind.
I've settled on the name now, though.
Aug 31 2017 10:03
so hyper vs rocket ?
do you guys deploy with docker?
Aravindh Sridharan
Aug 31 2017 11:41
Is there a way to read a file till a specific byte (say “\n”), do some processing and then read the next set of bytes till “\n” and repeat this
Aravindh Sridharan
Aug 31 2017 11:51
Aug 31 2017 13:55
Ruby has an enumerable method all? and the inverse none?. Is there an equivalent function in Rust? So far the best I can think of is trying to use a filter_map to accomplish something similar.
Aug 31 2017 13:59
Perfect, not sure how I missed that. Tunnel vision looking for all or none I guess. Thanks.
Aug 31 2017 15:21
Oh I see now. I needed the Iterator trait, not the iter type. The other issue is the organization of the methods in the docs. Why is it not alphabetical?
Alexander Ronald Altman
Aug 31 2017 15:58
It’s in declaration order, I think.
If you want to search for something, the docs have a built-in search function accessible from every page.
Aug 31 2017 16:02