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Sep 2017
Sep 07 2017 02:25
@tanriol this is what ended up working:
        .filter(|&(_, p)| p)
        .map(|(i, _)| i)
        .nth((x as u64 - 1) as usize)
Why does rustc ignore 'b: 'a in for<'a, 'b: 'a>?
Sep 07 2017 20:32
Why are you using Rust instead of something like C# or Go? Not saying Rust is a bad language. Just asking what's so special about it and puts it above others
David Harvey-Macaulay
Sep 07 2017 20:33
@AlmightyFloppyFish Safe and precise control of data structures. Protection from data races is an extra bonus.
Great handle, by the way.
Sep 07 2017 20:36
Interesting, Have been thinking of trying it out sense I like mozilla as a company
David Harvey-Macaulay
Sep 07 2017 20:37
Mozilla is a great company. :smile:
Sep 07 2017 20:53
@AlmightyFloppyFish I use Rust instead of C. It has the same level of control (thus performance) but safer in many ways.