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Sep 2017
Roman Proskuryakov
Sep 24 2017 10:02 UTC
how do I create named fields in enum invariants?
I c. It is like Move { x: i32, y: i32 },
Sergey Noskov
Sep 24 2017 10:13 UTC
@kpp the intuitive way just works:
enum A {
    B { a: u16, c: u32 },
Roman Proskuryakov
Sep 24 2017 10:14 UTC
the example was at the bottom of docs
Cory Duplantis
Sep 24 2017 21:09 UTC
Has anyone attempted to implement traits based on struct attributes?
I have one main struct and I need to impl several traits based on one of the attributes.. I'm not quite sure how to accomplish this
a recent nightly broke users of tarpc with the error can't find crate for '_serde'
I'm not sure how to begin debugging this
Denis Lisov
Sep 24 2017 22:18 UTC
Does it reproduce for you?