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Oct 2017
Oct 09 2017 08:37
Guys. I need to create a futures::Stream wrapper which will be clonable. It's ok to skip items. If clone is't polled and there was few items produced it should just yield last one. There is futures::future::Shared. I'd copy implementation for my wrapper but there are too much locks.
Oct 09 2017 15:42
Having a problem with rustcsv/serde. For some reason, this always results in an error along the lines of missing field "latitude":
Oct 09 2017 15:59
Both Data and the data labels have latitude though
Oct 09 2017 16:34
I have some problems with associated consts.
This should compile
But it doesn't
Diggory Blake
Oct 09 2017 16:37
@omni-viral looks like a bug...
Oct 09 2017 17:33
looks like it tbh
Says trait must be implemented, but even adding struct Y; impl Size for Y { const SIZE: usize = 1usize; } doesn't make it work
Oct 09 2017 18:30
Yeap. You can't use associated const in this context if your type is parameter rather then concrete type.
There is an issue about wrong error in this case.
Joseph Delgado
Oct 09 2017 23:32
i'm considering writing a web API in Rust
i'm somewhat familiar with the language
how scared should i be of the panic! situation?
it seems like if a third party lib throws a panic!, for whatever reason (scariest would be user input), the whole thread has to die?
is this a reasonable concern?
i saw some ways to control panic! in the docs, but they mention that if a panic! is configured to abort, you can't do anything about it