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Nov 2017
Judson Lester
Nov 07 2017 02:33
I'm using error_chain! and having trouble getting it to play with Option.ok_or() viz:
error[E0277]: the trait bound `errors::Error: std::convert::From<std::result::Result<_, _>>` is not satisfied
   --> src/
132 |   let query_string = uri.query().ok_or(Err("No query part".into()))?;
    |                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the trait `std::convert::From<std::result::Result<_, _>>` is not implemented for `errors::Error`
Just too much wrapping - ok_or just needs "No query part" and will do the Err() itself
Cengiz Can
Nov 07 2017 20:33
hello. I can't force llvm compilation during ./ build. any ideas?
I have link-shared = true in [llvm] of my config.toml
is it because of that?
Mark Simulacrum
Nov 07 2017 23:17
Force LLVM compilation? You should be able to touch the LLVM trigger file, I think...