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Nov 2017
Erich Cordoba
Nov 23 2017 01:43
How can I create a trait with a default implementation that at the same time implements another trait?
Judson Lester
Nov 23 2017 02:44
I'm using error-chain, and starting to accumulate a lot of foriegn links. I just got an error about "recursion limit reached while expanding the macro 'impl_error_chain_kind'"
Does it make sense to actually add the recursion_limit directive rustc recommends?
Or am I on the wrong track?
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Nov 23 2017 06:46
Try it out. It helped me once when I had this problem.
Nov 23 2017 07:08
Is there anything like a SOAP toolkit for rust?
Steve Klabnik
Nov 23 2017 13:33
@nyarly it's what you ahve to do, that's just a limitation of how this works. you should also consider instead of error-chain
Bernhard Schuster
Nov 23 2017 18:42
@nyarly go for the failure crate, it's pretty much the better error chain, getting rid of all macro madness