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Jan 2018
David Harvey-Macaulay
Jan 04 2018 02:59
Hmm looks like I'll have to make a separate feature then. Thanks.
Jan 04 2018 04:27
@Restioson its thumbv7m on a Cortex M3, atm I'm trying to use someone else's work to target it by linking in some rust code compiled with xargo into the device's sdk but the work is over a year old and needs to be patched :(
Jan 04 2018 05:23
hmm i got a error: internal compiler error: unresolved type in dtorck
Jan 04 2018 05:53
this works on the playground but not on my 2018-01-03 nightly rust
are they not the same nightly?
Jan 04 2018 06:05
nvm it works in a cargo new sandbox. but now can't figure out why i am getting internal compiler error in main project
Jan 04 2018 12:13
@Moggers sorry refresh me again? What's the issue?
@blankhart I had something like, that, search around for it in issues?
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Jan 04 2018 12:15
@blankhart Get rid of that flat_map (it's causing the problem together with nll).
Jan 04 2018 12:17
NLL needs a slogan
NLL - makes stuff work like you expect it to
Jan 04 2018 20:30