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Mar 2018
Ed Page
Mar 16 2018 02:28
Your return type is Error but you are trying to return MissingField which implements Fail.
A impl From<Fail> for Error exists that would help
You could do this:
Alternatively, you could do
That will wrap your MissingField in a Context<MissingField> and convert it to an Error.
With how simple your error is, this is probably the ideal choice
Ed Page
Mar 16 2018 02:43
This PR might be interesting to you.
It contrasts three different error handing approaches and ways to cope (or not) with the ergonomics
Niranjan A Kartha
Mar 16 2018 16:09

Hello, I have a problem with the Rust (rls) extension for Visual Studio Code. The extension is always stuck at RLS Starting, and never moves forward.

Here's my installation info:

> rustup toolchain list
stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc (default)
And VSCode is at 1.21.1
Actually, nvm
A reboot and reload solved it