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Mar 2018
Mar 24 2018 14:13
I experimented with rocket for an API, I only ever put it to staging
a few months ago
Had a bunch of small quality of life issues, realised fighting the borrow checker when writing an API server is kind of silly
so I switched to elixir
Its fun, I just don't think something as solved as an API server requires something as low level as rust
I would check out gotham if I wanted to try it again
Ben Kimock
Mar 24 2018 15:44
What's an API server? That sounds redundant to my non-webdev ears
Edouard Menayde
Mar 24 2018 16:26
@saethlin I would define as an API over the network. Generally using http and the REST way of thinking (even if we know have graphql). There are a lot of publicly available api such as Github's one.
@Moggers at the same experience as you did : Elixir is far better suited to do this kind of work
Yonggang Luo
Mar 24 2018 16:57
What's the progress to makeing std usable in embedded environment.
Judson Lester
Mar 24 2018 17:47
What's the deal with rustfmt?
I tried to update it. The new version insists that it's deprecated, and use rustfmt-nightly, which won't run in the stable Rust.
Denis Lisov
Mar 24 2018 17:51
I'd suggest using the rustfmt-preview component distributed with rustup.
Judson Lester
Mar 24 2018 17:59
I've been really trying to avoid introducing yet another installation chain into my work machine, though.
Why is rustfmt in this state? I assume there's a readme I missed?
Denis Lisov
Mar 24 2018 18:00
Are you using rustup?
rustfmt used to use syntex, which is unmaintained.[1]
Judson Lester
Mar 24 2018 18:03
I'm not using rustup and I'd rather not if I can help it.
Thanks for the link, @tanriol
Denis Lisov
Mar 24 2018 18:12
Well, it should be technically possible to build on stable, but I'd rather not.
Judson Lester
Mar 24 2018 18:13
Worst case I can probably get a rustfmt-nightly to build. More than willing to solve the problems I make for myself.
Denis Lisov
Mar 24 2018 18:16
Note that for rustfmt-nightly you may need to find a version matching your rustc version... or, if you build the compiler yourself, build rustfmt too at that stage.
Judson Lester
Mar 24 2018 18:19
Yep. This is in Nix, so I should be able to choose an unstable rustc and a matching rustfmt. Should - I know there was a recent set of changes around how Rust gets build which brings nixpkgs back up to date.
Alternatively, maybe I can find something in the Mozilla overlay.
Dylan DPC
Mar 24 2018 21:50
@nyarly if you need help with nixpkgs you can try asking @vitiral
he was working with something similar