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Mar 2018
Judson Lester
Mar 25 2018 00:55
@vitiral Were you the one working on the rust builder in nixpkgs? Built in pijul?
Zachary Neely
Mar 25 2018 02:40
Not sure if this is a good place to bring this up... but I can't type an "s" in the search bar in the docs for any crate on, not 100% sure when it started being broken
Zachary Neely
Mar 25 2018 02:47
Looks like there's an "ev.preventDefault()" call in the handleShortcut call that shouldn't get called when the search bar has focus
Denis Lisov
Mar 25 2018 09:04
@zrneely Works for me on Firefox Nightly, what's your browser?
Dylan DPC
Mar 25 2018 10:10
Ya @zrneely is right. Tried it on Chromium.
Denis Lisov
Mar 25 2018 15:27
Yeah, now it happens for me too.