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Mar 2018
Mar 31 2018 13:01
Hello, does cargo have an analog of make install?
Mar 31 2018 13:11
@binary132 there’s ‘Cargo install <binary name>’ is that what you’re looking for?
Mar 31 2018 13:23
@deg4uss3r looks like yes, I thought it can install only from external hosts, but it works also for the current project, thanks
Andy Grove
Mar 31 2018 16:21
can anyone tell me how to get a slice from a *const u8 ?
pub struct Buffer<T> { data: *const T, len: i32 }
and I'm trying to implement fn slice(&self, start: usize, end: usize) -> &[T]
Andy Grove
Mar 31 2018 16:32
nm, I just found slice::from_raw_parts
Ayushya Chitransh
Mar 31 2018 21:38
I am having a tough time configuring the db and all.