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May 2018
Paul Reesman
May 03 2018 04:16

I'm having issues compiling sdl2 on my mac. I have downloaded sdl2 via homebrew and in my Cargo.toml file I have:

sdl2 = { version = "0.31.0", features = ["bundled", "static-link", "use_mac_framework"] }

But when I cargo run it dies on compilation for sdl2-sys via a permission error and still continues when I run with sudo.

I'm not sure what is going on or how to get past it.
Paul Reesman
May 03 2018 04:33
seems to die at build-script-build
May 03 2018 11:14
When will we able to write where F: for<T> Fn(Foo<T>)?
Tom Cumming
May 03 2018 11:16
higher order polymorphism ?
May 03 2018 11:17
Higher ranked bounds or something
Hm... How this where F: For<T: Trait> Fn(Foo<T>) is called then?
Paul Reesman
May 03 2018 17:54
Any idea of how to resolve my issue above?
May 03 2018 18:26

I have this layout:

my_mod/ contains a type Foo and contains a pubfunction which returns Foo. I don't use the module stuff publicly but it says:

private type hardware::Response in public interface

Which is quite confusing :confused:
Pascal Hertleif
May 03 2018 18:34
@spacekookie maybe a useful cheat: cargo doc --open and see if Response turns up anywhere