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May 2018
Dylan DPC
May 07 2018 05:49 UTC
so is there no other way of checking for nightly in your code other than via a "nightly" feature?
there is a discussion about it, but I don't think it concluded into anything concrete.
Paul-Sebastian Manole
May 07 2018 07:55 UTC
Has anyone used tiberius to connect to MSSQL Servers? I'm trying to connect with it to a fresh SQL Server 2017 for Linux inside a docker container but always get an invalid connection state. Connecting with mssql-tools works though.
Sam A. Horvath-Hunt
May 07 2018 11:56 UTC
What's the right way to call a command? Use case: Calling a user input string as shell script (e.g. "cat myfile"), I don't care about the output, I actually would ideally want my program to call that command and immediately exit (with the user input command taking over stdout as if they'd entered it in a normal shell). Is that possible?
May 07 2018 11:58 UTC
so basically you want to replace your program with a "called" one, right?
Tochukwu Nkemdilim
May 07 2018 12:07 UTC
You could also try this if I didn't mis-interprete your question:
use std::process::Command;

fn main() {
    let file_name = format!("myfile");

    let output = Command::new("cat")
      .args(&[&file_name[..]]) // you can also pass in more arguments, by filling it in the outer array

    match output {
      Ok(_) => {/* do some actions */ },
      Err(_err) => { /* do some action */ }
Anyone got clue why that doesn't work?
Tochukwu Nkemdilim
May 07 2018 12:44 UTC
That's because only one mutable ref to an value can exist per time
and since you are creating the mutable borrow ref mut _a, you are not allowed to create the next mutable borrow ref mut _b
Andrey Lesnikóv
May 07 2018 12:48 UTC
Hmm, I think that box is the problem (not sure why exactly - *r?), because works fine
Liyakhath A. Syed
May 07 2018 13:04 UTC
does anybody know how to edit firefox to show my self signed ssl as EV
Sergey Noskov
May 07 2018 13:07 UTC
@smarlewy looks like you cannot, because every CA has it's own field for marking certificate as EV and browsers know them
Liyakhath A. Syed
May 07 2018 13:08 UTC
so.. maybe i can edit the source code
to add mine too
Dylan DPC
May 07 2018 13:38 UTC
or contact firefox?
Ewan Higgs
May 07 2018 18:20 UTC
when i build a project from scratch, I end up creating a lot of data in my deps directories. My final executable that pulls in a lot of libraries is 17M but the deps dir is 1.3G. This appears to be largely due to DWARF data but a lot of this is repeated between files.
for f in $(find . -type d -name DWARF) ; do nm $f/* | awk '{print $3}'; done | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | less
$ dust
 1.2G  .
 1.2G └─┬ target
 1.2G   └─┬ debug
 1.1G     ├─┬ deps
then map this across all projects I have checked out (... im a drive-by patch gremlin), i kinda feel it's a problem. Is there any rfc i can track regarding an equiv of a .m2 directory that could collect all the versions to reduce the proliferaiton?