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May 2018
Adrian Perreault
May 12 2018 02:52
Does anyone know how to trigger the new 'macro expansion' feature in IntelliJ Rust?
Anton Okolelov
May 12 2018 06:35
Hi there. I'm looking for a library for sql queries. Like java's jdbc. I just need to run sql query and its results
Adrian Perreault
May 12 2018 06:38
@anton-okolelov Rust-Postgres is nice and simple to work with:
Andriy Apostol
May 12 2018 08:02
Hello! Assuming I have the u64-value, how can I round it to the nearest hundred? E. g., 1125 should be rounded to 1100 and 1151 should be rounded to 1200. Thanks in advance
Matthias BartelmeƟ
May 12 2018 08:09
Andriy Apostol
May 12 2018 08:10
@fourplusone , thank you!
May 12 2018 11:26
Does somebody know a good crate for video encoding?
May 12 2018 11:39
@omni-viral I see a couple of crates that do FFI around ffmpeg (not sure it is what you're after)
May 12 2018 12:33
Hello guys, a friend and myself have started a series of articles called "Tell me a story I could code". Here is the first episode and here is the second. What do you think of it?
May 12 2018 15:48
Hi, i'm implement something like MyBox<T: ?Sized>, what can i do to get make it support conversion like MyBox<S> as MyBox<Trait>?
May 12 2018 16:44
@crlf0710 with nightly you use CoerceUnsized
On stable you don't
@apiraino ffi is ok, but which one to use?
May 12 2018 18:10
My rules of thumb for crates are as follows: 1) check the most downloaded, then 2) check that last commit on github (and how many contributors)
from this search:
the most active project looks to be this:
Dylan DPC
May 12 2018 18:27
yeah. also the number of open issues and PRs and date of when the last release was made. I also go through the code to see whether it is written in a good way or not
May 12 2018 18:33