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May 2018
May 15 2018 01:17
@berkus i wrote serde_json below [dependencies] not [dependencies.diesel] . Is it the problem?
May 15 2018 01:28

i have this code

use one::static_rocket_route_info_for_create;
use two::static_rocket_route_info_for_create;

they are placed in different module but when i used that syntax in, i got an error message "duplicate". I know i use same-function-name but anyone know how to solve it if i use same name?

Zou Bibo
May 15 2018 02:31
@tandrysyawaludin I think you can just use 'as' keyword to solve this issue. 'use one::foo as one_foo; use two::foo as two_foo;'
May 15 2018 05:00
I'd like to listen for events on multiple mpsc::channels. This is what std::select! is for correct? Is there a better approach?
May 15 2018 05:16
i have implemented but i got new error cannot find value `static_rocket_route_info_for_ one_foo ` in this scope
May 15 2018 08:41
Hi, all. If the coroutine structure which will store current state when suspend does not be allocated in heap, how we resume this coroutine in another thread? Or it’s impossible, so we must allocate in heap?
Denis Lisov
May 15 2018 09:17
@tandrysyawaludin In cases like this I usually prefer useing the modules and calling the functions with one::static_rocket_route_info_for_create(...)
May 15 2018 17:28
the function i wanna put in .mount() routing for rocket @tanriol