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May 2018
Berkus Decker
May 16 2018 00:10
@tandrysyawaludin that's not a dependency, that's a "serde_json" feature in diesel, that you need to enable
May 16 2018 09:50
Hi sorry. Bu I have again a Rust question
Im trying impl juniper::Context for Pool<ConnectionManager<PgConnection>> {}
The error is impl doesn't use types inside crate· But if I leave only Pool, it requires arguments
So how ?
Denis Lisov
May 16 2018 09:55
@trsh Is the Pool an r2d2::Pool?
You cannot implement a trait defined in an extern crate for a type defined in an extern crate. I'd define a struct ConnectionPool(Pool<ConnectionManager<PgConnection>>); for which you can define the trait.
May 16 2018 10:01
@tanriol clear! tnx
May 16 2018 15:44
use supplier_module::static_rocket_route_info_for_read as read_all_suppliers;

fn main() {
    .mount("/suppliers", routes![read_all_suppliers])
what is my mistake?
May 16 2018 16:38
So impl Trait is unusable in traits?