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May 2018
May 25 2018 07:09
Rui Azevedo
May 25 2018 07:52
is there any project that uses rust but with a different syntax, i absolutely hate the c++ like one
haskell like would be great
i know about gluon, but its not compiled
Andrey Lesnikov
May 25 2018 07:55
ocaml? )
Rui Azevedo
May 25 2018 08:00
can they go down to bare metal? as rust does (MCU's)
@ozkriff youe mean ocaml like or the ocaml it self?
Andrey Lesnikov
May 25 2018 08:02
I meant OCaml itself, but it was just a joke. I'm not sure actually, but it's a GCed languange so it will be at least a complicated task
I haven't heard of any projects like "rust with less C++ish syntax"
I wouldn't say that rust's syntax is that bad actually, it's an equal mix of C and ML syntax
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
May 25 2018 08:05
I don't think there's enough motivation for that. You'd have to design the syntax, create some transpiler or whatever, to feed the real Rust compiler, etc, etc… and what for? To change the syntax only? I guess if you are down to the business of bare metal where you can't afford anything with a syntax more to your likes, you're going to have more annoying problems than syntax anyway.
Rui Azevedo
May 25 2018 08:20
@vorner agree, but who knows, i had to ask
Sebastian Blei
May 25 2018 08:39
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