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Sep 2018
Sam Johnson
Sep 14 2018 02:28 UTC
@Virtuos86 thanks I will try that
Arun Kumar
Sep 14 2018 04:23 UTC
How does a debugger keep the mapping between the source code and the compiled code so that it knows which line of code is being executed.
Kelly Thomas Kline
Sep 14 2018 06:33 UTC
If Instant::now() causes a panic in browsers (stdweb -> wasm) how should I calculate instant.elapsed().as_millis()? (# of milliseconds from a moment in time)
Sep 14 2018 09:16 UTC

What's the standard way to implement a pipe operator for Rust?

Sep 14 2018 13:40 UTC
@Virtuos86 - Sorry, I mean the functional programming pipe (known by a variety of names), not the pipe symbol. It just applies a function to yourself, so you can chain things in order. E.g. fn cube(x: i32) -> i32 { x*x*x } can be defined like that and then called with 12.pipe(cube) instead of cube(12), which can be handy at times.
What is best option to generate 64 bit random Hash (salt) in rust?
Lyle Mantooth
Sep 14 2018 14:13 UTC
@Ichoran , I would expect a more traditional function pipe to return the function's return value, not the thing first passed into it. And most functional languages have everything be immutable, I believe, so doing it Rust probably would involve taking self by value instead of a reference. Several crates do this and call it the builder pattern, but they all return the same type when a function pipe wouldn't necessarily.
Maybe it could do &self. Not sure how it would all work out.
Sep 14 2018 14:24 UTC
@IslandUsurper - Yes, I asked about pipe but posted tap.
Anyway, I guess the point is that people don't define this all the time, or have it in a library somewhere that everyone uses.
Lyle Mantooth
Sep 14 2018 14:25 UTC
Right. I think it's because Rust isn't really a functional language. It's got a lot of the same features so you can write in that style, but it's not the same.
Sep 14 2018 14:28 UTC
Oh, sure it's a functional language in the weaker sense of the term! Just because it has other great features too doesn't mean you can't use it that way. I agree it's not so awesome for defining general computations on monads due to a lack of HKTs, but heck, even R has pipe (%>%) and people use it all the time.
Anyway, so far tap is doing everything I need. I'll figure out pipe later.
Arun Kumar
Sep 14 2018 17:56 UTC
Is there rust tool to parse a . pug file?
Denis Lisov
Sep 14 2018 18:04 UTC
@Ichoran Like this?
Sep 14 2018 19:08 UTC
@tanriol - Kind of, but I was hoping to avoid the Sized.
Ideally, anywhere you could write let x = thing(); let y = f(x); you should be able to write let y = thing().map_self(f).
Sep 14 2018 22:34 UTC