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Sep 2018
Kelly Thomas Kline
Sep 30 2018 03:27
@vorner tokio-rs/tokio#669 is a neat idea. Do you think it would be good to generalize it into a simple 'task priority' system built-into Tokio, with the Idle priority being one of multiple including Realtime and Normal?
Sep 30 2018 07:38
How can I import stuff like pub type FileDatabase<D, DS> = Database<D, FileBackend, DS>;
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Sep 30 2018 14:28
@kellytk Yes and no… priorities usually mean that you want the lower priority to get to work even if there's enough of higher-prio work. This is not what the idle thing is about. And Realtime probably has connotations for things tokio can't really deliver.
Denis Lisov
Sep 30 2018 14:46
@serak The best known solution, used by busybox and probably others, is to build actually just one binary, symlink everything else to it and determine what shall be done by the name used to start the binary.