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Nov 2018
an anonymous module wouldn't be very meaningful though, except perhaps to implement traits? but then why wouldn't you put impls in more relevant places then?
Nov 04 2018 00:18
@auscompgeek what about types? or structs?
David Vo
Nov 04 2018 00:35
@verilog15 well, there are tuples, and you can ask the compiler to cast to an inferred type by x as _. not really sure what you could possibly mean by anonymous types otherwise.
Edouard Menayde
Nov 04 2018 14:21
Hi, i'm trying to come up with some code to check for dead link on a website in a fast manner. I'm using tokio and hyper. But I have problem with types, this is my code and the errors in the comment :
Mikhail Zabaluev
Nov 04 2018 22:20
Did something happen to
Mikhail Zabaluev
Nov 04 2018 22:47
It's back online now, np