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Nov 2018
Mark Renten
Nov 30 2018 02:00
Do you guys know of any tools to make sure that you don’t have any wildcard deps?
Nov 30 2018 03:07
bspeice The best things I've found so far is for VS Code:
Nov 30 2018 03:59
@rentenmark - I just grep for ::* like so: grep -n '::\*' src/*.rs
Mark Renten
Nov 30 2018 04:00
Oh I meant crate deps
Bspeice thanks that is excellent
Adham Farrag
Nov 30 2018 08:46
Hello guys, Regarding Asynchronous I/O, is it only the only option? Does Rust support it now? Thanks.
Nov 30 2018 08:55
@adhamfarrag futures+tokio
@adhamfarrag you can check out > for HL solution
Adham Farrag
Nov 30 2018 08:59
Thanks @trsh
What about Rust’s core ?
Does Rust support it?
Nov 30 2018 09:09
@adhamfarrag not that I know.
if you mean std
Tim Robinson
Nov 30 2018 09:11
std networking is all about synchronous I/O for now
But futures are moving to std soon, and the networking types will gain a sync abilities
Paul Masurel
Nov 30 2018 10:06
for the string search question...
I think aho-corasick is more appropriate.
Boyer Moore is to search for one string efficiently I believe.