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Jan 2019
Ogulcan Erduran
Jan 05 11:47 UTC
Hi everyone, can I do / how can I do that like database.UserTable.filter(|usr| usr.age > 10).collect::<Vec<UserModel>>(); with rust? We can do this in c#. I am .net developer and newbie with rust. Should I use diesel / any orm or I can do that like this?
Amita Yadav
Jan 05 18:40 UTC
how to map vector into actix_web client response and execute them
Please help me in this
Nils 'bash0r' Jonsson
Jan 05 20:44 UTC

Hi everybody :>

Consider an unsafe function foo. When I care about the result of the function I do something like this right now:

let v = unsafe {
  foo(arg1, arg2, ...);

Is there a better style of writing this?

Nils 'bash0r' Jonsson
Jan 05 21:46 UTC
Can I somehow define a string constant and use it with concat!(...) ?