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Jan 2019
Jan 06 05:04
David Vo
Jan 06 09:18
yeah, plenty of projects with dependencies like that
Tim Robinson
Jan 06 09:26
@aka-bash0r I don't think that does what you want, the semicolon goes here }; not here );. Otherwise this is fine.
Jan 06 20:36
whats the best rust plug in for vscode? looking at one that will peak definitions as it helps the learning process
Michal 'vorner' Vaner
Jan 06 21:06
Let's say I have a lifetime-parametric trait that contains an associated type. I can depend on all the lifetimes of the trait withT: for<'a> Trait<'a>. But I'd like to say that I want all the associated types to be 'static and therefore the same and get the common type. How do I do that?