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Feb 2019
Arnaud Esteve
Feb 05 21:09
Hi everyone ! I'm back with easier questions for once
Is it possible to collect an iter() into a map I created myself
Kelly Thomas Kline
Feb 05 21:43
For anyone experienced in futures and ideally in actix as well, does the code at look correct? It runs as expected however I'd like to confirm before moving on
David Holroyd
Feb 05 22:51
I have some types that are just wrappers around &[u8] and which provide accessors to parse the binary data. That's great (and fast) for reading the data format, but seems inconvenient for generation/writing. So I'm considering also having, for each of these types, a struct that can just own a bunch of fields, and then having both the borrowed-slice and plain-owned-struct forms implement a common trait.
So now my question: are there crates already doing this style of thing? Are there established naming conventions for the types implementing each convention?
trait Foo / struct FooOwned / struct FooBorrowed<'a> etc
to maybe make that more concrete, here's an example of the borrowed-slice type that already exists
Feb 05 23:22
@aesteve - Sure, just implement FromIterator for your map.