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Mar 2019
Mar 20 2019 16:19 UTC
Hello, is this the right place to ask about rust and wasm ?
Mar 20 2019 16:38 UTC
It's not the official place, but it's certainly not a bad one :)
Mar 20 2019 18:47 UTC
i did the game-of-life wasm tutorial from rust . it works perfectly but i need to uses npm packages. how can i run my wasm without those packages ?
Edvin Malinovskis
Mar 20 2019 19:22 UTC
what are the packages used for?
silmanduin66: assuming that this is it:
sounds like you could skipe the npm stuff if you used something else to act as web server
could be as simple as python3 -m http.server --cgi
Mar 20 2019 21:24 UTC
following the tutorial, it is using webpack
( i m trying to use wasm-bindgen )