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May 2019
May 19 01:17
for now i use to learn RUST
does anybody suggest other some kind of website?
laurent bernabé
May 19 13:06
The official RustBook ?
Also awesome rust ?
Though I'm still beginning in this language, I found those quite usefull.
Also, less academic but more practical is the Rust By Example
(Apologizing, I did not understood your question : it was not about resources)
laurent bernabé
May 19 13:11
There's also CodingGame for the practical part
Jim Hessin
May 19 15:19

Can someone tell me why this:

  let alias = “gen”;
    let alias = r#""%"#.to_owned() + alias + r#"%""#;

is producing this:

[src/] &alias = "\"%gen%\””

I have tried everything including:

let alias = “‘%”.to_owned() + alias + “%’”;

but everything seems to prepend either a single quote or raw double quote with a backslash.

I’m trying to put this in an sql statement and it won’t work with the backslashes.
Denis Lisov
May 19 19:29
@jhessin The backslash in this output is shown because it's the debug output, there's no backslash in the actual string.
Jim Hessin
May 19 21:11
Okay. Thanks.