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Julien Ma
Hi! Quick question: the last release is now 2 years old, and it misses a lot of font updates (like Fira) + newly added fonts (like JetBrains Mono). Is there any plan to cut a new release soon-ish?
Asking because I'd like to use these fonts via homebrew, and current cask downloads obsolete version of the font (Fira), or simply doesn't exist (JetBrains Mono). I made a PR to update the casks and download font files directly, but they'd prefer a proper release (see Homebrew/homebrew-cask-fonts#1940 + https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-cask-fonts/pull/1939).
Thiago Alves
Hi guys, is Hermit going to be updated to v2.0 before the 2.1 release?
Étienne BERSAC
Hi @ryanoasis , did you consider switching to devopicon instead of devicon ? devicon is unmaintained. see vorillaz/devicons#133
Mark Penner
Can we get a proper Mercurial icon? Like https://cdn.onlinewebfonts.com/svg/img_437096.png
Mark Penner
I guess it needs to be rolled into one of the icon packs, nvm.. FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#6712
Luca Corsini
Hi, quick question, can we have a proper kubernetes icon?
Tan Yeong Sheng
Is anyone having vim-devicons stop showing correct glyph after using patched font JetBrainsMono from NerdFont? Mine seems to be broken
Does anyone know off hand of a doc that shows how to replace the glyphs in my powerline config, I've been reading for 2hrs and I can't find anything that works, I downloaded the patched version of the font and the new glyphs are there I just don't know how to set them.
I have the B-ryan version of powerline
This page is great https://github.com/ryanoasis/powerline-extra-symbols but it doesn't explain how to get those results simply enough. I'm not far enough down the rabbit hole.
Filipe Fernandes
I seems that "UbuntuMono Nerd Font" (double-width version, not mono-version) now truncates/clips certain glyphs. An example is the battery glyph (Which I think comes from font-awesome). The top version represents v2.0.0... and the bottom version with the clipped glyphs represents v2.1.0
Is there a way to regenerate the fonts so that this clipping doesn't happen?
Filipe Fernandes
Using git bisect, I was able to trace the problem to this commit: https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/pull/283/commits/cf625d46b5018615efc2049b3c52585443ef2eaa ... Created a ticket with a potential fix attached as a diff here... ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#442
Thomas Moschny
Hi, I tried the patched Caskaydia Cove Nerd Font, but the Ö looks way to wide (and this problem is not there with unpatched Cascadia). Known issue?
Thomas Moschny
Re-patching Cascadia.ttf helped.
Anybody has a patch for monaco font?
I'm running Manjaro KDE edition, and I'm not sure I'm installing Monofur correctly. The regular, bold, and italic variants are in separate files, and when I install them they show up as separate fonts under the Font Management app instead of different variants under a single Monofur font. Is there a way to get the different font weights to all show up under Monofur?
Aasutosh Jha
Hi, how do I use nerd font icons in web? Do I need to include some css?
Devon Lin
what to do after install nerd fonts
Nizamuddin Sulieman
hi guys.. Why JetBrains Mono have 2 cask?
  1. font-jetbrainsmono-nerd-font 2. font-jetbrainsmono-nerd-font-mono
I'm not sure it's the same font or not 🤔
Do I need to clone the whole repo to patch my own font? I've been trying to patch Dank Mono but every time I ran the script it yelled at me that it didn't find the glyph it needed.
Hello, does anyone know how to get the right-pointing triangle glyph U+E0B0 on Windows? Currently, it's mapped to the "redo" glyph, which looks like a clockwise-curved arrow in Windows Neovim.
There is a vertical line on the icon.
Does anyone is encounter this issue?
Filip Vavera
Hello, I have a problem displaying some icons. Most of the icons work fine but some are just replaced with "-". I really don't know what could be wrong since I use exactly the same config on two PCs and on one it is OK but on the other, I cannot get it to work.
I use Arch Linux, i3, kitty, downloaded "RobotoMono Nerd Font Mono"
Did anyone encounter the same issue?
^^ you can see that most of the icons work fine but an icon for the prompt and icon for outgoing commits is replaced with "-"
$ fc-match
Roboto Mono Nerd Font Complete Mono.ttf: "RobotoMono Nerd Font Mono" "Regular"
Roy Sindre Norangshol
Hey, how can I use the hexcode from https://www.nerdfonts.com/cheat-sheet in bash echo? ie google_cloud_platform is e7b2 , which is printed in bash if I do: echo -ne '\xEE\x9E\xB2' . Anyone can share the converting trick, because I dont get see how e7b2 turns into \xEE\x9E\xB2
echo -ne \\u<hex code> does the trick.
Gilberto Diaz
Hi all
after I run fontrestore Downloads/kotlin.svg how I can find the unicode in my local machine?
Maciej Kaczor
Is anyone using nerd-fonts with IntelliJ IDEA, or other JetBrains IDE?
Beacuse by default it is setting font to bold instead of regular.
The second entry is Mono version
Gilberto Diaz
I'm using it in the terminal and the idea terminal renders ok
not actually in idea
Maciej Kaczor
I have same problem with FuraCode Nerd Font
it's using Bold instead of Regular
in IntelliJ IDEA
Gilberto Diaz
Hi all
after I run fontrestore Downloads/kotlin.svg how I can find the unicode in my local machine?
Ken Hancock
I'm sorry as I'm sure this must be a common problem, but my google-fu has failed. I'm trying the Microsoft Windows Terminal Preview with WSL/oh-my-zsh and the Inconsolata NF is replacing .profile fi ligature with the telephone:
Aasutosh Jha
@diazgilberto I don't know if fontforge will help your needs, it shows all mappings of a font though.
how to use nerd font in IntelliJ IDEA