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The nf-mdi-battery* icons seem to appear much larger than other icons in my lemonbar panel. Any ideas as to why? the nf-fa-batteyr variants don't seem to have the same problem
hi, could someone tell me what I should download to enable my terminal recognize icons? I downloaded JetBrains Mono, installed it and change the font in my terminal config file. It worked. The font has been changed, but the icons are still being unrecognized! Does that just mean that I should try another font or there is a separate installation of icons?
The personified devil
Does the patching script not work with ttf fonts?
Glib Shpychka
Hello. Does anyone have issues with box drawing glyphs, in particular ║? It is not taking up the full height for me, so vertical borders drawn with it are not uniform.
I'm using the alacritty terminal and the JetBrainsMono font, both Mono and regular versions.
I am actually not sure if this glyph is part of Nerd Fonts patch - if you know better box drawing glyphs in Nerd Fonts, please let me know.
is there a basic 101 guid for using this? it's not organized well. i'm just trying to show the git branch icon in my iterm2 prompt. but once you install (i used homebrew)....there's not further instructions. there's no list of icons or anything. annoying
5 replies
Michael Murphy
@pinpox Not sure if you figured it out, but one option is to edit the ttf file. You can use the ttx tool to "decompile" the Semibold variant of the Source Code Pro font. When you run the tool on a ttf file you get an XML file. Then with a text editor, you can change all the occurrences of "Semibold" to "Bold" (I think you'd find "Semibold" in name ID 2 elements). You can then recompile the font using the ttx tool on your ttx file. You will get a ttf file when you do that and you can install it like any other font. After that, your personal install of the Source Code Pro font family will have a "Bold" style that is actually "Semibold." I'm new at this but I think that'd work.
Jeff Morin
how do I actually download the icons.
1 reply
the fonts are pretty straight forward
Michael Murphy
Are you looking for the src/glyphs directory?
Can anyone help with installing fonts through WSL? I've downloaded the JetBrains Mono font and I've managed to install it just fone on Windows, but when I try and install it into the ~/.local/share/fonts directory on WSL, the font doesn't show up in the list of fonts I can pick from in my Terminal and I have no idea what I might be doing wrong.
2 replies
Does anyone have nerd fonts set up for FZF
1 reply
Kyb3r.bat Fett
How can I get this from each icon?
Or does anyone help me patch my own font?
Jeremy Zabala
Pablo Ovelleiro Corral
@murphym18 Thanks I'll definitely try that
I'm not sure if this is a bug or a misconfiguration on my side, but SauceCodePro is showing an extra smiley behind some glyphs:
This is what my prompt looks like currently, right of the Nixos glyph (the snowflake) is a smiley which should not be there. Is this a problem with the font?
where do i put my fonts in ubuntu after downloading and unzipping
1 reply
ill wait 500 years for wrong reply
Glib Shpychka
Hello. Does anyone have issues with box drawing glyphs, in particular ║? It is not taking up the full height for me, so vertical borders drawn with it are not uniform.
I'm using the alacritty terminal and the JetBrainsMono font, both Mono and regular versions.
I am actually not sure if this glyph is part of Nerd Fonts patch - if you know better box drawing glyphs in Nerd Fonts, please let me know.

Hey there! 👋
First of all: I am very new to CSS (to be honest, at the moment I am at the level of "playing with Firefox developer tool and see what happens").
I just tried to use some icons from nerdfonts' cheat sheet for a GitLab page. I use the lanyon theme from jekyll (https://jekyll-themes.com/lanyon/).
To use nerdfonts' icons, I've written

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/blob/master/css/nerd-fonts-generated.css">


<script src="https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/blob/master/css/nerd-fonts-generated.css">

in my head.html file (when I used <link rel=..., I put <script src=... in comments with <!-- ... -- > and vice versa to test both options).

But when I use


nothing happens 😢

I even saved a nerdfonts.css file in my css directory with following code:

 font-family:'NerdFontsSymbols Nerd Font';
 src:url("../fonts/Symbols-2048-em Nerd Font Complete.woff2") format("woff2");
.nerd-fonts {
 font-family:'NerdFontsSymbols Nerd Font';
.nf-custom-c:before {

But even this didn't worked 😕
Does someone of you might have an idea ?

It would work with fontawesome.
I created an account at https://fontawesome.com so that I got a code line like

<script src="https://kit.fontawesome.com/..." ...></script>

but there are only very few options for a free account (why I want to use nerdfonts).

Hi, I want to use Fira Code Nerd Font in VSCode as well as in iTerm.
After setting the font ("editor.fontFamily": "FiraCode"), the font in a editor became too narrow, and the font in a terminal became too wide.
Also, some icons look not working in terminal view.
How can I fix it?
Screenshot 2021-04-02 at 13.10.41.jpg
Kaan Yalti
Hello hello I want to use fira nerd font in nvim. Unfortunately I can't even get the icons to show up in my terminal. So naturally they don't work in nvim either. I'm using Pop os, I don't know if that would make a difference.
oh, actually, I was trying to use jetbrains nerd font, then I tried hack nerd font, none worked. Fira seems to work, when I copy and paste an icon it properly shows up. Now I'm gonna install vim-devicons again, hopefully it'll work, will post an update in about 2 min
It worked
Kaan Yalti
I've noticed that FuraCode NF isn't correctly display ellipses. I'm seeing this while using the dotnet cli from a PowerShell terminal. At the end of each line where there is: '?.' it should be: '...'
Ian Russell
Hello, I have installed the Hack Nerd Font and the font is displaying correctly, however none of the icons from NerdFont cheat sheet will render. Instead the fallback character is rendered. I have placed my fonts in ~/.local/share/fonts and after doing so run fc-cache -f -v to reset the cache, and like I said, the font is fine, but the icons are not. The icons for the starship prompt do work however (like the git powerline and snake for python). Another thing to note is that fc-match returns DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
Ian Russell
Disregard the fc-match comment
Really its just the symbols from the nerdfont cheatsheet that don't work everything else is fine
Hi everyone
can font-logos be updated on nerdfonts?
They have added some new linux distro logos in their font
Luca Corsini
Hi guys, any chance to add kubernetes and terraform logos glyphs to nerd-fonts?
What is the actual purpose of this platform? Doesn't seem to be much activity at all...
Sandeep Sharma
Installed nerd font on macOs however in my terminal i don't see icons rather it shows ? mark. as it falls back to some default. I am using alacritty terminal.
Hii to everyone,
damn this is a messy chat
i just wanted to know where to post a request for a glyph
any idea?
Hello, I'm trying to patch a font, but FontPatcher keeps generating TONS of warnings and I'm not sure why. Is this normal?
Hi, would anyone be interested in adding the IBM Carbon icons to Nerd Fonts? It isn't packaged as a font but there are source SVGs here: https://github.com/carbon-design-system/carbon/tree/main/packages/icons
If not, would it be relatively easy to patch them in myself?
Daan Luttik
Hi guys, I found that the JetBrains Mono Nerd Fonts are vertically squashed when compared to the normal JetBrains Mono font... Any clue how this can be / how to fix it?
Daniel Bayley

Hey all :wave: How do write a config.json (isn't it actually in .cfg format?!) for use with say Dank Mono to remove ligatures, e.g: font-patcher 'DankMono-Regular.ttf' --removeligatures --configfile config.json?

…? 😕