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alonso garr muñoz
Hello! I am trying to find the perfect pixel-perfect Nerd Font. Proggy Clean is a bit too small. Terminus and GNU Unifont are good contenders but they both give me problems when I patch them or find a patched file online.
Problem with GNU Unifont: The patched version remains pixel perfect but is missing the Powerline left facing triangle but not the right-facing one! And some of the original glyphs are not overridden.
Problem with Terminus: All the patched versions I find on the web or after I patch it myslef it looses its pixel-perfectness! Why?
At the moment I'm using Fixedsys Excelsior which is perfectly patched and remains pixel perfect, but its a bit much.
There icons that is not in nerdfonts like api ,modules , meddileware how I can add them or can anyone add theme
Hello! I was trying to get exa's --icons working with font-hack-nerd-font but that isn't working, Is there another font that I need to install for those icons?
Relevant issue ogham/exa#540 from github
kali icon is not available!!
Does anybody know if old bitmap (pixel fonts) can be nicely converted to vector fonts?
Bitmap font do not work anymore sadly on many terminals
I even converted them from bdf -> otb but the nerd-fonts script did not do it's job on them
Nobody here interested in bitmap fonts?
hello which is the font that starship theme needs if possible link im having problem with displayin the icosn in the hyper terminal
Nuc1eon sorry mate have no idea
Hi, I have a suggestion for the site. It's very frustrating to see example usage on the web and leave me wondering where the hell to find the CSS and font file. Wasted an hour on this. Future visitors of the site would really appreciate this.
I haven't found fonts referenced in this file. I give up. This is terrible UX.
Hi,I'm a CJK user,蘿 nf-mdi-playlist_play u+f910, conflict with CJK Compatibility Ideographs https://unicode-table.com/en/F910/.
When i echo $'\uf910' ,display Chinese character not nf-mdi-playlist_play
How to fix it?
Hi! For some reason the JetBrainsMono Nerd Font symbols are not displayed in the vscode terminal. Everything is fine in the Kitty terminal. What could be the problem?
2 replies
2 replies
KSP Atlas
There seems to be a mistake in the naming scheme
FreeBSD is not a Linux distribution
Hi everyone, thanks for making nerd-fonts. I wanted to use the patcher via Docker, but noticed that the container does not include all the scripts. Is that intentionally? The command 'docker run --entrypoint "ls" nerdfonts/patcher -la /nerd/bin/scripts' only lists 'docker-entrypoint.sh'. In the repository there are several more scripts, I would especially like to use fpfix.py. How come that this is not included in the Docker container?
1 reply
discord icon = "ﭮ" on nerdfonts.com/cheat-sheet
1 reply
KSP Atlas
Easiest way to fix it is to not use discord /s
Colton Palmer
hello, I'm having some trouble with certain icons not rendering correctly in a font I patched with the patching script. Here are a few pictures illustrating the issue: https://imgur.com/a/QfmPYc8
I'm using wsl2 and windows terminal if that helps
difference between Fira Code Regular Nerd Font Complete Mono.ttf and Fira Code Regular Nerd Font Complete.ttf?
hai. I am having trouble getting the font to work. i tend to download using terminal but that doesn't seem to be working for me. got the zip file, with lots of options and I can't tell whats; what. kinda dyslexic.

Hi! I am not sure if the official Docker image is just broken for me. But I was not able to get it working. I took a look at the Docker file and the entry point on GH and I don't think it's implemented the right way. Could someone please confirm? For now, I have created my own Docker image based on the release candidate version here:

I would be happy to submit a PR if needed.

Hi all, I am currently thinking about using nerdfonts in a LaTeX document and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this?
Austin DeLauney
Hi all, is there any way to compile nerd fonts with all icons from all font glyph packs? Ex: all icons from powerline symbols, font awesome, oticons, font linux, and material design?
1 reply
Nerdy Anarchist
hey all - currently installing the nerd-fonts-complete package from the AUR and was just curious: how large is this download?
Nerdy Anarchist
(for anyone who comes in later and may see this...it's a little over 2GB, lol)
Have a good one, folks!
Hi, I'm trying to create a ligature-free mono font from Caskaydia Cove but I keep running into issues with horizontal ellipsis (and Two Dot Leader for that matter). I have checked with font forge and an online tool to be sure that there are no ligatures in the font I generated with the nerdfonts patcher. Just now I have found out that the characters are not ligatures, but they are not mono-space since they contain 3 and 2 spots respectively.
Am I completely misunderstanding the concept of mono and ligatures? Is a horizontal ellipsis not a ligature?
For context so that we avoid X/Y problems since this is not really my domain, I wanted to add a nerd font to my terminal. I got used to Cascadia Mono so I want to use something similar patched with the nerd fonts. But whatever I do, my terminal keeps taking multiple instances of dots and creating groups of 2 or 3.
Of course this ended up as anyone could have guessed and once I've asked all my questions I realized I can just patch Cascadia Mono to add what I want instead of patching Caskaydia Cove to get rid of what I don't want. This worked so my underlying problem is solved, but if someone has the time, I would still appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm mistaken about what ligatures are and why ellipsis seemingly isn't considered to be one.
Nerdy Anarchist
So I'm noticing that I have a similar issue to ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#127 - In order to make any of the glyphs even remotely recognizable, I have to change the size of my text to something monstrously large. Has there been any movement on this 5+year old issue?
2 replies
Nicolas Epstein
I've noticed the collection is missing icons for wifi signal strength. What is the procedure to add icons? Should I just make a PR?
How can I get all icons to display at a fixed width? Having this issue: https://i.imgur.com/efFp1yq.png
Adwin Ang

Hi, for font-patcher file, when I installed it, I got a font-patcher.txt which I cannot use for my CLI. When I convert the file to .py file, and run
"python3 font-patcher.py BerkeleyMono-Regular.otf"

I got the following result
The requested file, original-source.otf, does not exist
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/Users/adwinang/Downloads/OTF/font-patcher.py", line 1037, in <module>
File "/Users/adwinang/Downloads/OTF/font-patcher.py", line 1032, in main
File "/Users/adwinang/Downloads/OTF/font-patcher.py", line 110, in patch
symfont = fontforge.open(self.args.glyphdir + patch['Filename'])
OSError: Open failed

hi guys why doesnt the browser display nerdfont glyphs?
even tho i have nerdfonts installed in my system
oh nvm it works in another browser
I'm a total beginner concerning the "Nerd Fonts".
I wanted to know how to use them in a terminal.
Once the fonts are downloaded in /usr/local/shar/fonts, then the cache updated with "fc-cache -fv".
How to do an "echo" ?
How to modify the prompt ?
1 reply
Hi, I can't install nerdfonts as options in cmd, idk if it isn't recognising them as mono? Like with RobotoMono NF it just doesn't show up as an option in cmd even when I put it in the folder in regedit
Joakim Westin

I use CaskadiyaCove Nerd font and it looks as if some characters are not correct in terms of height. Has anyone else seen this behvaiour?

I'm on Windows 11 and the screenshot is from Windows Terminal.