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Mike Hartington
Or, how do I determin those values
Mike Hartington
if I do ffi, ff, ffl, the ligtures are not applied. so it's only fl and fi
Mike Hartington
Hmm, seem the ligatures only happen in kitty term, not iterm
Hi does anybody know how to fix the issue of i3's status bar showing the special Nerd Fonts characters as "smaller" than all the other characters?
It can be seen even in the i3status-rust example image
Would you be interested in having the install script available as an ansible task with a similar option scope?
I want to write one anyway, but will write it much cleaner, if there is interest in reusing it as an alternative installation path
George Schizas
Update: Release 1.2.0 works fine. It's with 2.0.0 that's the problem. I suspect it has something to do with ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#318
1.2.0 works fine in Windows Terminal as well.
Is anyone having trouble with the cheat sheet on the website? Using it in firefox with no plugins enabled yields no search results when I try to use it. Is there another resource I can use to find the glyphs I want lol? I'm trying to customize my zshrc.
Patricio Tapia Ugalde
@Thorhian I got the same trouble, It seems that Cheat Sheet is not working :(
Noam Eyal
is there any other way to see the full list of glyphs?
Ryan L McIntyre
Cheat sheet should be fixed now
I am following the codingphase theme for iTerm configuration.
When checking different fonts in nerd-fonts, i cannot find the overpass to download. has it been removed or renamed to something else?
Ryan L McIntyre
@worldofpercept_twitter good point, not sure what happened there. You can grab it from here in the mean time: https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/tree/master/patched-fonts/Overpass/Mono

Hi there. Author of Victor Mono here.

Any policy on requiring a readme.md (if present) from the original repo when generating a new patched font? I would appreciate it.

Sergey Kasmy
guys, can somebody help me understand why patching a font should be necessary? I mean, should correctly configuring fontconfig be the only thing to make everything work? I have already asked that question on reddit with a more concrete example but nobody could answer it
Any help would be apreciated!
Sergey Kasmy
Alright, patching is not necessary, got it to work with oure fontconfig and alias prefer
the problem is that nerd font doesn't provide pure monospaced glyphs-only font
only a non-monospaced one
Julien Lequertier
Hi, I was looking for a memory icon, found one in the free font-awesome here: https://fontawesome.com/icons/memory?style=solid, but couldn't found the icon in the nerd-fonts cheatsheet: https://www.nerdfonts.com/cheat-sheet
Aren't all free font-awesome icons supposed to be included in nerd-fonts ?
Sergey Kasmy
maybe I'm mistaken but the cheatsheet is incomplete
there are lots of icons that are present in the font but not on the cheatsheet(or they're just named differently). I have this one for memory, for instance " ", and it was not present on the cheatsheet, afaik
Alexander Schneider
I installed both FiraCode and the FuraCode NF and it looks like many of the ligatures from FiraCode are missing in FuraCode (but not all). Why is this?
ex. <= gets turned into a ligature in both, but >= only gets turned into a ligature in FiraCode, not FuraCode
Does nerd-fonts allow font requests? Microsoft have just announced their new programming font and it would be nice to see it included: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/cascadia-code/
John Cavanaugh
Perhaps stupid question, but I noticed that ansi fonts icons are not supported. Is that intentional?
Ryan L McIntyre
@rubjo Hey! We do attempt to make sure the original readme is there and proper links to repos, websites and credits to the authors. I see now that Victor Mono readme is missing (this is not typical). I will try to get that fixed! Thanks
Ryan L McIntyre
@kimsagro1 Yes it does, there have been many. You can follow along with Cascadia Code request here: ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#374
@cavanaug Not intentional but likely it's because the source font doesn't have the questioned glyphs. Nerd Fonts does not add (currently) missing standard set glyphs (math, etc.)
Ryan L McIntyre
@alexschneider Currently there are issues regarding ligatures, there are some codepoints that currently Nerd Fonts doesn't respect (i.e. is changing codes in NON-private use areas. see ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#365 and ryanoasis/nerd-fonts#57
@ryanoasis I'm a bit confused about something—in looking at the Wiki (https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/wiki/Glyph-Sets-and-Code-Points) specific code pages are mentioned for each icon set, but if I look at fonts that have been built with the NerdFonts patcher, I'm seeing a lot of other glyphs not contained in those unicode ranges being included uniE0CA for example). Which should be considered the definitive "Nerd Fonts glyph set"?
Steve Daly
I'm trying to use the Fira Code Nerd Font in VS Code. What do I set the font family to?

Use a monospaced font? Nerd fonts version 2.0 aren't monospaced iirc

Is this still true?

Zoe Firi
This message was deleted
Ryan Delaney
Hey, I want to patch a font I like (Inconsolata-g) (yes it's different from the Inconsolata variants in the repo). I am seeing the nerdfonts repo is about 5gb, is there any way to download what I need to do the patching without consuming that much bandwidth?
How do you uninstall nerd-fonts? I don't see this in the documentation.
Kieran W
Hello. I've been playing around with the font-patcher which has been pretty fun. I'm on a windows machine so getting fontforge to play with python was more difficult than it should have been. Anyway, I've modified it so that fonts are always mapped to the 'complete' values (so i could use a subset of the fonts and have it be compatible with nf). Would this be worth me making a pull request? would anyone find this sort of functionality useful?
Hi, hey guys ! I try to install Nerdfont to use on Windows, with WSL Ubuntu and zsh "Oh-my-ZSH" ... my problem is that I install the font on windows but they do not appear in the WSL/ Properties/ Font list .. any help ?

hello, I'm trying to patch Noto Sans CJK JP, but the script dies every time, it worked fine on Droid Sans for reference.
Here's the dumped stack trace:

No glyph with unicode U+051a4 in font
... (lots of same errors) ...
No glyph with unicode U+05be7 in font
No glyph with unicode U+05c60 in font
No glyph with unicode U+06753 in font
No glyph with unicode U+06eba in font
No glyph with unicode U+07c3e in font
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "font-patcher", line 896, in <module>
  File "font-patcher", line 890, in main
    patcher = font_patcher()
  File "font-patcher", line 55, in __init__
  File "font-patcher", line 267, in setup_font_names
    fullname = self.sourceFont.fullname + verboseAdditionalFontNameSuffix
TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'str'

NOTE: I'm on manjaro linux and am using the latest patcher from git.

any help is greatly appreciated!

Kieran W
I can't get my browser to "see" an installed font that I created with the font patcher. Am I correct in thinking that it is the name of the font without spaces with " NF" appended?
anyone here?
Hey, guys! how can I get monaco nerd fonts?
How about this for a font? https://www.dafont.com/unispace.font
any support on the cool cascadia code font from Microsoft ?