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Jeff Morin
i'm only seeing how to do them individually
How can I change the name of output font using font patcher, I want it named 'NameNF.ttf ' instead of 'Name Nerd Font.ttf'
Hey there, devicons just had a new release https://github.com/devicons/devicon/releases/tag/v2.12.0
So I tried to build nerd fonts with it by replacing the devicons.ttf in the src/glyphs folder. However that did not seem to work. Am I missing something?
oh, wow. The devicons used in nerdfonts is way outdated. The entire layout is of the symbols is different too now
that will be an absolute pain to fix in a non breaking way
Hi! i'm new on Nerd fonts, how can i add nerd fonts icons to my website?
Saumyajyoti Mukherjee

How can I run fontpatcher script on a windows 10 system? Seeing some import error if I run:
fontforge.exe -script <fontName> from command prompt.

Issue is resolved by using ffpython instead of default python installation.

how can i use nerd fonts on html
Morteza NourelahiAlamdari
Hi :)
I have an issue with CodeNewRoman font which displays like this.
Any idea how to fix it?
Matt Narrell
how can i browse the devicons?
Hi, Could you add my font? Fira Comp(forked from FiraCode) https://github.com/Photonico/Fira_Comp
Jairo Benjamin Barberena Pineda
how to download all font this page?
Hi I am new to the nerdfonts.
I notcied with the "JetBrainsMono NL" font, when i type the characters "!=" in my windows terminal it translates to the symbol ≠ .
I want to understand how i can do the same in Terminator (with TERM=xterm-256color) ???
Filip Banák
Hey guys! This file https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/blob/master/10-nerd-font-symbols.conf mentions the Symbols Nerd Font which contains The NF Symblos only but I can't find it anywahere any hints please?
And/or why am I getting this?
~/Downloads/ttf-iosevka-fixed-7.3.3 on ☁️   ❯  font-patcher iosevka-fixed-regular.ttf
The following table(s) in the font have been ignored by FontForge
  Ignoring 'DSIG' digital signature table
The requested file, original-source.otf, does not exist
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/filip/.local/scripts/font-patcher", line 929, in <module>
  File "/home/filip/.local/scripts/font-patcher", line 924, in main
  File "/home/filip/.local/scripts/font-patcher", line 88, in patch
    symfont = fontforge.open(self.args.glyphdir + patch['Filename'])
OSError: Open failed
Filip Banák
Figured both of these out
Everything is in the repo
Jacob Bogers
I installed nerd-fonts (run install script)
how can i select it in my bash shell (git bash on windows)
Tony Brown
I tried to patch Sarasa Mono with the patcher, but the glyphs always seems to be shifted (B->A, Z->Y, etc.), could anybody explain why?
Johan Puentes
this is nerd fonts?
i never used gitter
David Kurtz
Can someone explain why there are so many font files in a font archive? What are they all for? "complete"? "regular" vs "medium"? "mono" -- aren't they all monospace? etc

Not sure if this is the spot to do so, but I'd like to request some additions: Multiple levels of wifi signal strength. Something similar to these: Wifi Signal Strength Icons

Thanks for the awesome project!

Igor de Araujo Vilhalba
Hello! I was searching for the icons in the nerd-fonts website, but couldn't find bash's.
I could find it in this site, but not in this one, that seems to be the one this project uses.
Is there any way I can add bash's icon to the already patched fonts from nerd-fonts?
Thank you in advance!
The first link is from a different devicons repo. Unfortunately both nerd fonts and the devicons they use deaf to any kind of communication and the devicons also unmaintained for years now
Igor de Araujo Vilhalba
I see it :(
Thank you for the reply!
Np, I already tried to get them over to the actually maintained devicons but they are just tonedeaf somehow. No matter what I tries

Hey, I'm not sure if this is exactly an "issue" so I'm asking it here.

I was trying to write a script to search through fonts by name for glyphs they provide. A cheatsheet script if you may, but made by parsing the actual font files for the glyphs it provides. Now when trying to work with Nerd Fonts I realized that some of the glyphs are actually named with appropriate names whereas some glyphs have their name simply be their unicode values. For example the glyphs from weather icons seem to be unnamed whereas the glyphs from material icons seem to have appropriate glyph names.

Is there any way to get all the glyphs to be made named? Is this even a nerd fonts issue or do I have to try to take it up with the upstream providers of the glyph sets?

TL;DR some glyphs named some are not, any way to get that fixed?

Hey there,

I tried generating nerd version of https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Nanum+Gothic+Coding using docker.

When I create the font using --mono option, the character spacing doubles. If I don't use the option, the generated font is not getting listed in "Fixed-width" category. I am using MacOS. Any fixes for this?

when is the next release D:
hey where is the rectangular shape with tilted sides plz i do not seem to find it
Natry Nevnf
How can i fix that??
That is robbyrusbell theme
lol I am unable to search for icons on the website
Is it some thing at my side or happening for ya guys too
J. Bromley
I've downloaded JetBrains Mono and when I unzip the package, I see two versions (not counting Windows) of each font. For example, I have JetBrains Mono Regular Nerd Font Complete.ttf and JetBrains Mono Regular Nerd Font Complete Mono.ttf. What is the difference between these two fonts?
(Besides an extra Mono in the name)
whats the difference between the font that says Windows Compatible and the ones that do not?