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These fonts have the unicode chars but not the dev icons: https://github.com/powerline/fonts
I tried to patch some symbol fonts, but result is the "left half block" char and "Right half block" are both centered, and hence neither are correct for drawing borders
If I try patch consolas I get segmentation font
I used Source Code Pro as the --custom font to get the unicode characters from

@amitlevy21 What you can do is get SourceCode Pro from google fonts which has box characters. Then use the nerd font patcher to patch the characters in (use -custom option, drop sourcecode font into src/glyphs). OPen font-patch scripts and change CUSTOM_ATTR = {

        # 'pa' == preserve aspect ratio
        'default': {'align': '', 'valign': '', 'stretch': '', 'params': ''},

Ie no horiztaonl and vertical centering, or else the block chars will all be centered (a problem with left half block, and like upper block glyphs)

Alice Carroll
Sam Stites
Hey all -- I'm using "Iosevka Nerd Font Complete" with kitty-terminal and I'm getting some weird mappings of glyphs when I open up emacs
has anyone else experienced something similar where glyphs are incorrectly mapped?
yo guys is there anyway to copy multiple icons at one try?
Rob Finbow
Hi all, what is the difference between Firacode and Furacode?
Rob Finbow
I'm also confused between (FireCode Mono, Fira Mono).
Because I thought FireCode was a monospaced font anyway, why the FireCode Mono, Fira Mono? And why has NF then got Fura variants of them?
Ryan Jin
Hello all! I am using Hack font on arch with alacritty and tried to install the patched Hack nerd font but I cant seem to get it to work. When I copy nerd icons from their website into the terminal it just displays "???". I installed the hack nerd font by downloading the hack font packages and putting it in /.local/share/fonts folder and when running fc-list | grep "Hack" the font info shows up. Anyone got any ideas?
@mooli-ul you can try https://github.com/Peltoche/lsd
in my fedora, why echo '\uf408' is , only in spacemacs is ok? :(
I change my terminal font from Source code Pro to Monospace Regular, everything is ok. :-)
All the preview links do not direct to the corresponding font examples anymore, since they changed their URL
@Robula FuraCode was used in order to comply with the license, it should be nowhere anymore on the page, where did you read it?
Fira Code is Fira Mono with ligatures.
why are some glyphs like "❯" missing from the website fonts?

forgive me, I'm confused as to how to actually use the glyphs by for instance hex code?

say I'm in a text editor - do I type the hex code and it automatically renders it as the glyph?

1 reply
AJ ONeal
I put a quick-and-easy cross-platform installer with instructions up at https://webinstall.dev/nerdfont/
(simple bash and PowerShell scripts that put fonts in the right place on the right systems)

I'm thinking about creating a installer that grabs all of them this way, but first, a question:

Do all of these zips follow a consistent format such that that can be predictably navigated without knowing more than the name of the zip?

Mitja Felicijan
Hey. I was wondering how can I use a symbol like github icon from devicons in echo statement in bash script? I have font already installed and working.
where do I buy the licenses
Ashley Smith
Hey! I wanted to quickly ask - What's the difference between 'FuraCode' and 'FiraCode'?
I think I downloaded 'FuraCode' from the repo ages ago, and now I can't find it anymore. Is 'FiraCode' the actual font?
Alice Carroll
They are same
Ashley Smith
I was just confused as I don't think Ican download 'FuraCode' anymore
is it basically the new name?
Alice Carroll
Ashley Smith
updating my .Xresources, thanks!
Alice Carroll
hey wheres the best place to view the different fonts at once rather than one by one?
Jeffrey Serio
Is there a way to get nerd fonts embedded in web page, similar to the embed link in Google Fonts directory?
Trung Nguyen
Hello everyone, I'm after the nerd font Monaco but not sure the mainline channel provide this font. I found the other repo did provide but not quite beautiful using with bash (vim, tmux...) and command line console of windows10. Any suggestion? and future implementation?
Hello! I'm trying to install nerd font with AUR. yay -S nerd-fonts-complete. But I got an error saying
curl: (33) HTTP server doesn't seem to support byte ranges. Cannot resume.
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/archive/v2.1.0.tar.gz
error downloading sources: nerd-fonts-complete

Hello, I am using windows 10 and have installed the font manually (via right-click => Install for all users). I need to know what font name to use inside Visual studio code. Please refer to this screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/7T7dSUJ.png (just a screenshot of the font properties as shown in Windows Settings)


I've tried both (the text on the arrow) and I get different results
I forgot to mention I want to use the bold version of the font (updated the screenshot to reflect I have installed regular, bold, italic mono versions)
here's a screenshot of VS Code font settings (https://i.imgur.com/nunsLi2.png) for reference. Thanks again!
Alice Carroll
@mrjayviper try mononoki Nerd Font
Can someone help me with setting noto nerd font with Alacritty?
I'm not able to see the glyphs as expected.
Kainoa Kanter
@isank Make sure in your alacritty.yml that it's set to "Noto Nerd Font", not just "Noto". If you're on arch/an arch derrivative, I'd reccomend installing the package alacritty-ligatures from the AUR

Regarding the font-patcher, would one usually use the --careful¹ flag or not?

¹ (“Do not overwrite existing glyphs if detected”)

Another question: Is there a way to control the font's output name during patching, the one that's baked into the file? I'd rather have something shorter than Caskaydia Cove Regular Nerd Font Plus Font Awesome Plus Font Awesome Extension Plus Octicons Plus Power Symbols Plus Material Design Icons Mono.