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Alice Carroll
@mrjayviper try mononoki Nerd Font
Can someone help me with setting noto nerd font with Alacritty?
I'm not able to see the glyphs as expected.
Kainoa Kanter
@isank Make sure in your alacritty.yml that it's set to "Noto Nerd Font", not just "Noto". If you're on arch/an arch derrivative, I'd reccomend installing the package alacritty-ligatures from the AUR

Regarding the font-patcher, would one usually use the --careful¹ flag or not?

¹ (“Do not overwrite existing glyphs if detected”)

Another question: Is there a way to control the font's output name during patching, the one that's baked into the file? I'd rather have something shorter than Caskaydia Cove Regular Nerd Font Plus Font Awesome Plus Font Awesome Extension Plus Octicons Plus Power Symbols Plus Material Design Icons Mono.
Seth Kontny
:) good work.
Albert Moravec
Wanted to check before I open an issue, any idea why this is happening?
Albert Moravec
The line-height differs for some reason (and the character line thickness seems to differ as well)
Albert Moravec
Albert Moravec
Seems like JetBrainsMono version in the repo is really old
Why not path these font to Microsoft store, this can greatly benefit Windows's users upgrade experience (they can upgrade along with MS store check update for all applications, nowadays the best solution for windows user to do so is by git version, which is too large)
hey, is there a CDN that has nerd fonts? I want to use some of them in the browser
Tom Scott
hi folks, i'm not sure if this is an issue or not but i'm having trouble getting ligatures to work with sauce code pro in vscode
i have ligatures enabled in my config:
    "workbench.startupEditor": "newUntitledFile",
    "editor.fontFamily": "'SauceCodePro Nerd Font'",
    "editor.fontLigatures": true,
    "editor.fontSize": 16
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.34.21 AM.png
^ here's what it looks like though
when i change to fira code i get:
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.34.07 AM.png
Source Code Pro doesn't have ligatures, so you can't enable them. Only these nerd fonts have ligatures: CaskaydiaCove, FantasqueSansMono, FiraCode, Hasklug, Inconsolata, Iosevka, Monoid, VictorMono
Tom Scott
ahh ok

HASKLIG: This is basically Source Code Pro but with ligatures.

haha perfect

Tom Scott
ahh it doesn't work in big sur? wtf.
Cain Atkinson

So if I use Jetbrains Mono or Caskaydia Cove with powerlevel10k it looks wrong. image image.

It looks fine on the other side, and MesloLGS NF works fine. image

if it helps i'm on Manjaro on Windows Terminal
Redson dos Santos Silva
all ok?? :V
Marius Ileana

Hi everyone!

Can we please have also the patched version of Sometype Mono font, please?

Marius Ileana
Anyway, for now I managed to change the prompt symbol using p10k configure (I'm using a zsh with powerlevel10k theme setup).

Can we please have also the patched version of Sometype Mono font, please?

Looks like a nice font

Kyb3r.bat | GT
I need help
How add my icons in format svg in nerd fonts?
Daniel Bayley
Hey all :wave: How do write a config.json (isn't it actually in .cfg format?!) for use with say Dank Mono to remove ligatures, e.g: font-patcher 'DankMono-Regular.ttf' --removeligatures --configfile config.json?
Daniel Bayley
@ryanoasis :point_up:
Julian Marcos
Why some f leters don't display properly?
Using Space Mono Nerd Font
James Grimes
Hi. I want to use the nf-linux-archlinux icon. However, I can't tell which font I am supposed to use. I installed Nerd Fonts Complete and there are a ton of fonts. The Cheat Sheet doesn't indicate which of the many fonts I should use.
I am trying to use it in my dwm config.h file on arch linux
James Grimes
Nevermind. I installed ttf-font-logos from the AUR directly and used the unicode value of F103. I now have the logo. I am disappointed that I could not figure this out using Nerd Fonts, though.
Hey, I'm using Jet Brains Mono NF, and the em-space and thin-space characters seem to be the same size. Is that normal, or maybe something with my terminal/editor?
Daniel Bayley

Hey all :wave: How do write a config.json (isn't it actually in .cfg format?!) for use with say Dank Mono to remove ligatures, e.g: font-patcher 'DankMono-Regular.ttf' --removeligatures --configfile config.json?

Anyone? :confused:

José Armando
Hi!, can i use NerdFonts on my website like @import
Daniel Gordon
For anyone using Mintty (Git Bash for Windows uses Mintty), I suggest Dejavu Sans Mono for Windows if you want to use something like VimAirline. It's been a while, but I played with a lot of fonts on Windows and this one seemed to work well.
Hello there! font-patcher seems to not enjoy running on any fonts. It gives me this error. https://termbin.com/kai4
I'm not sure what that /src/glyphs is doing in the script?