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Daniel Bayley

Hey all :wave: How do write a config.json (isn't it actually in .cfg format?!) for use with say Dank Mono to remove ligatures, e.g: font-patcher 'DankMono-Regular.ttf' --removeligatures --configfile config.json?

Anyone? :confused:

José Armando
Hi!, can i use NerdFonts on my website like @import
Daniel Gordon
For anyone using Mintty (Git Bash for Windows uses Mintty), I suggest Dejavu Sans Mono for Windows if you want to use something like VimAirline. It's been a while, but I played with a lot of fonts on Windows and this one seemed to work well.
Hello there! font-patcher seems to not enjoy running on any fonts. It gives me this error. https://termbin.com/kai4
I'm not sure what that /src/glyphs is doing in the script?
Can I patch ttf fonts? Or only otf?
Ohhh I think I got it. I have to get some of the repo...
Aaand after all of this I still don't get the issue.
I cannot get those last 3 symbols on my mononoki font for some reason.
❯❯❯ I have to use dejavu sans on top of mononoki, which takes longer to load and I'd rather it just be a single font. Any idea where those icons are from?
They seem to be from nf-fa which I'm guessing is somethingsomething-fontawesome?
Hm wait thats a slightly different icon
I ended up merging both fonts with a wacky script I made
Natry Nevnf
Pablo Ovelleiro Corral
Hi, I'm stubeling over this issue: https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/issues/254#issuecomment-550486987
Is there any version of the Overpass font that does not have the problem?
Or a way to patch them myself without downloading the whole repo
Justin Grote
I noticed that the Caskaydia Cove NF seems to be bolded compared to Cascadia Code on Windows. Why are they not the same? I tried some different font-weights but they all have the extended width. Is it because Cascadia Code is TT nd Caskaydia is OT?
Cascadia on the left and Caskaydia on the right in the photo
Is this something I should open as an issue?
Justin Grote
Maybe related but Delugia Nerd Font looks correct. I'll be using that one, just wondering why Caskaydia is off if its just supposed to be a patched version of Cascadia Code
Is there an 'easy' way to contribute to the emojis that nerdfont supports? Like somewhere one could contribute a vector image or something. I'd like to make 2 emojis or a character running, so that if we switched between the two it would look like a running character. I would be fun for some terminal UIs
Justin Grote
@ndavidpsi I think they are technically called glyphs, emojis are a particular unicode thing. I imagine if there's a codepoint not in use you could submit to have it included as a PR
Yes I meant glyphs sorry
In what format should I submit it then? An svg?
Hello all. I am experiencing an issue with FiraCodeNF and wanted to run it by y'all before subitting an issue, just to make sure I'm not crazy, and/or it's not intended or unavoidable behavior
In the standard Fira Code, continuous dashes, underscore, equals signs, arrows, etc. will combine into one long continuous graphic, provided they're on the same line
So <<-----------------|---------------------->> will look like a continuous drawn line with in-line arrows and arrow-heads
This behavior appears to be broken in the nerd-font version. Is there some combination of options I need to generate the font with to preserve this behavior?
hi everyone
anyone on?
nerdfonts doesnt have void linux's logo :<
could be great if it'd merge these distro logo glyphs https://github.com/lukas-w/font-logos
Daniel Falbo
Hi everyone! Neither JetBrainsMono Nerd Font nor FiraCode Nerd Font support the ₙ character. Is there an already patched nerd font that also supports the subscript n (ₙ) character? I'd be extra happy if it also has ligatures
Is there a more efficient way to find such font, other than download and test the patched fonts one at a time?
Hey Hey to everyone
Is there any news about this?? Anyone solved this? knows how to add to Atom? I'd love to see Monoid-Nerd-Font in it. Should i add it as github issue?
I have google around and search this forum without much luck. Anyone know how to use/insert font-nerd glyphs in atom or emacs editor?
Matías Pereyra Ini
Hello guys. I wanted to install the "Hermit" font to use in my VsCode. But he does not accept it. Do you know how to use Hermit in VsCode?
Roland Everaert

Hello people,

Given the huge number of fonts available and there total size, does anybody ever think about distributing them over the bitorrent network?

is there such thing as a single font file that icludes
all font families
bold/semibold/light and so on
because i sintalled the fira code ones and i cant use them becasue all font families are named
Fira Code NF
instead of FIra Code NF Bold, Fira Code NF Semibold, and so on