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Michel Difils
I have installed vim-devicon with vim-plug manager:
Michel Difils
Can you please help me figure out what's wrong?
I'm using ubuntu 20.04 (WSL2), bash version 5.0.16(1), NVIM v0.4.3
@mdifils my problem was this one https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/issues/13#issuecomment-190252936
I am using iterm2 and I had to chose the option of Use a different font for non-ASCII text
Might be something similar for you?
are u using windows terminal?download the LiberationMono to your windows and set terminal font
so it works right on wsl...
Shiny Hou
when i press ?help have afterimage
neovim 0.4.3
but use vim 8.1 not happen
Daniel O'Brien
Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to change the airline tabline format without breaking vim-devicons
vim-devicons appears to set airline#extensions#tabline#formatter to webdevicons which appears to be a combination of airlines default tabline format but with dev icons. However, I want to use the unique_tail format instead
Daniel O'Brien
Never mind, I've figured out how to do so -
Hi Guys, I'm using arch linux with neovim+nerdtree, just tried using this plugin but I'm getting broken icons in nerdtree. Is there any fonts package we need to install to make it work?
Robert DeFilippi
Hello, does vim-devicons have a "legend" for what each icon means?
Sam Sysnomid
devicons are only showing up half on monospace font?
any help?
Sam Sysnomid
I think there was a github thread about this somewhere idk
but I cant find any usable fixes
only italic fonts work
Rajat Negi
Hello people. I just installed devicons using vim-plug . But after installation , there aren't any icons I can see. Instead, there are some numbers in a box wherever icons are supposed to be.
The screenshot shows the result
Rajat Negi
Edit : i found the problem. Well I had to change my terminal font on my own.
Now can you guys recommend a nerd font that is very colorful and vibrant like the one shown in official repo.
@n3rio install the nerd font and make sure you enable it in your terminal
Hi guys, I'm having some troubles with the brackets appearing around icons, despite disabling all plugins except nerdtree and vim-devicons, checking whether the webdevicons_conceal_nerdtree_brackets flag is set and that conceallevel = 3 in nerdtree. I seem to have hit a wall here, I checked the issue threads on these problems and, at a certain point managed to make the brackets disappear by callling webdevicons#refresh(), but nothing reliable. Thought I should first asking here before opening an issue since similar ones already exist. I'm also sending a screenshot of the nerdtree, all plugins are disabled, conceallevel is 3, webdevicons_conceal_nerdtree_brackets is 1. Also, my plugin manager is pathogen, I haven't tried Vundle yet like one of the issue threads suggests
I managed to figure out a workaround, by explicitly calling syntax enable in ftplugin/nerdtree.vim (it works in vimrc as well, but I like to separate solution to a file type if it's something specific ), not sure why this is required to be done, as it's already called in vim-sensible, but it works properly now. If anyone can explain or warn me if I'm doing something dangerous here, I'll be checking here for replies
while configuring nvim i stumbled upon this addon to make nerdtree nicer and i want to install it. The plugin was easily installed with plug and its showing some UtF8 square. Its missing the actual font I guess. Installing the font is a problem because most information is about osx and iterm etc. I am on a pixelbook and wonder if it is at all possible. There is few information on how to install fonts there.
alejandro zaizar
hi, ive just change my font for another Nerd Font called FuraCode and now i've got back the horrible brackets, how can i remove them
without changing the font of course
Andre DiFelice
@kalexm I am having the same issue, I am on pixlebook. It is rather difficult to find useful info. Have you figured out how to install nerd fonts?
Enrico Maria De Angelis
Hello there
I've seen there are several issues on github concerning square brackets, but none of them seems to refer to square brackets around the readonly symbol. It is fine to have square brackets for the default g:NERDTreeGlyphReadOnly, which is RO, but if I use the lock devicon "\ue0a2", then it's a bit ugly to retain the square brackets too. Should I open an issue or there exist a solution already?
Saksham Bedi
Hey folks, I have a square bracket issue with my devicons. Please suggest a solution. My setup :- Terminal Emulator : Alacritty and IDE : neovim
Also I am using wsl to use Ubuntu 20 LTS. I have the Hack font installed both on my Windows and Linux environments.
Jeremy Zabala
I found devicons can't be display properly inside macvim
Is there anyone have same problem or way to resolve it
I have recently installed devicons for it to work with NERDTree. However, it shows square brackets around the directory icons, and its kinda ugly. This behavior doesnt seem to be documented anywhere. Is it intended?
Yaroslav Bashmakov

Hi all! Pleas point me to a solution. Despite of nice icons I have only squares with small numbers and all text is too wide. I installed Hack Nerd Font as it described in https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/tree/master/patched-fonts/Hack
After command $ fc-list | grep "Hack
I have a list of Hack fonts.
In my ~/.vimrc I have next lines:

set guifont =Hack \10
set guifont=Droid\ Sans\ Mono\ for\ Powerline\ Nerd\ Font\ Complete\ 12
set encoding=utf8

But everything is quite bad.

Yaroslav Bashmakov
Screenshot from 2021-08-04 23-12-54.png
Screenshot from 2021-08-04 23-13-37.png
Hello, is it possible to locally replace the "linux" unix glyph with de freebsd one (f30c) ?