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One question, is there a way to force the loader not to attempt to compile anything apart from the source tree referenced by webpacks entry?
Pedro Marques
try this
"exclude": [
on your tsconfig file
need for wp2
Marcus Ekwall
@s-panferov Would be great if you could take a look at PR #332 and see if it can get merged upstream. It's very simple and only changes two rows. Me and a whole bunch of colleagues are using it successfully since a couple of months back. Thanks!
Luca Morelli

Hi, I'm moving a project from webpack 1+ ts loader to webpack 2 + and you loader, and I'm having a problem with mappings:
I have this configuration in tsconfig

baseUrl": ".",

    "paths": {

      "ditta": [ "ClientApp/app/ditta/index" ],

      "campagna": [ "ClientApp/app/campagna/index" ],

      "tabella": [ "ClientApp/app/tabella/index" ],

      "contatto": [ "ClientApp/app/contatto/index" ],

      "attivita": [ "ClientApp/app/attivita/index" ]


using this + manual alias in webpack 1 worked fine, but now that I'm upgrading webpack is not able to solve the mappings, even adding new TsConfigPathsPlugin() to plugins.
How can I solve?

Thomas Grainger
Apparently you can't use ats for non code assets
Is this true?
Thomas Grainger
Well I opened an issue
Thomas Grainger
@s-panferov hey, is this chat alive? s-panferov/awesome-typescript-loader#367
anybody facing issue similar like s-panferov/awesome-typescript-loader#371?
version @3.0.4
I am hatchetting my way though understanding webpack+typescript config. Can't seem to get the transpiling to work. The resulting js file contains all the ts code (import statements etc) unchanged, although I have the awesome-typescript-loader in module/rules/ts/loaders. Not even sure how to debug this.
For example, how can I see if certain ts file is even passed to the awesome-typescript-loader?
Webpack build output contains this:
chunk {0} main.bundle.js, (main) 1.22 kB {2} [rendered]
[./src/main.ts] ./src/main.ts 1.18 kB {0} [built]
[0] multi main 40 bytes {0} [built]
Dammit, my webpack ignores module.rules setting in config, but respects module.loaders. Go figure.
Can this loader also load Javascript files?
Liren Sun
Hi, I was getting out of memory issue when I use npm link with TsConfigPathsPlugin. I was using webpack 2.2.1 and atl 3.1.2. I did not put any options in TsConfigPathsPlugin. Did I miss anything?
the oom error happened when compile the parent project
Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
Hi, i am trying to create a module which is linked with another project, when i use at-loader its not generating deceleration files even after setting outDir and declaration:true
Danny Bullis
Hi, can anyone please tell me why the paths property in my tsconfig file is getting completely ignored by webpack, even after using awesome-typescript-loader and ts-loader?
Sven-Michael Stübe
Hi, is it possible to configure the atl to just compile files that are referenced (directly, indirectly) from the entry? I want to port an existing application and wan't to be able to compile it in between when some unreferenced files are not compilable.
Sven-Michael Stübe
ahh "files": [] has to be placed in tsconfig
Yaroslav Yakovlev
@smstuebe you can provide a separate tsconfig file for atl via query
hi as i understand awesome-typescript-loader loader pick up tsconfig.json placed in root folder
but in my case i dont think this is happening
can somebody point me in right direction
Yaroslav Yakovlev
@SharpieX can you give more details on your setup? Why do you think tsconfig.json is not picked up properly?
Hi, I noticed that the generated .js files are deleted after the bundle was created, while the .d.ts files are kept. Is there a way to configure the plugin (or webpack itself?) to keep the generated *.js files as well? Couldn't find any configuration option for that (neither for the plugin nor for webpack itself).
Darryl Daniel
Hi. I'm trying to upgrade an application from webpack 1 to 2 and cannot because it relies heavily on webpack aliasing (but not at all on typescript paths). This doesn't seem to be supported by awesome-typescript-loader at present. Any word on a resolution for this?
Ryan Ham

I don't know that this issue is directly related to ATL, but when I use ATL and declaration: true tsconfig settings, interfaces are ignored and not generated in d.ts files unless a class implements that interface from within the same file (even if other files have classes which implement the interface).

for example:

// src/shape.ts
export interface Shape {
   getArea(): number;

export class Circle implements Shape {
   getArea() {
      throw 'no';

in the case above, src/shape.d.ts will be created and will contain an interface declaration for Shape.

// src/shape.ts
export interface Shape {
   getArea(): number;

// src/shapes/circle.ts
import { Shape } from '../shape.ts';

export class Circle implements Shape {
   getArea() {
       throw 'no';

In this case, shape.d.ts is never generated, but circle still references it, so I get errors when using the bundle from another project.
Any thoughts? Again, might not be ATL.

Ryan Ham
I can confirm that this behavior is not the same when just using tsc to compile.
Abhimanyu Singh Rathore
@superamadeus yes that's true, i had to face similar issue when i migrated from tsc, one of my class was using an interface which wasn't exported from project but worked fine with tsc, however ATL didn't generate the declaration for that, it only generates the declaration if something is exported from the file.
Adam Meisenheimer
I forked the repo and added an appendTsSuffixTo option that makes Typescript in .vue files work.
Obviously docs have to be changed, commits have to be squashed, and tests added, so let me know if this isn't a feature that would get merged before I do that
I'll probably just make a pull request for discussion anyway
Hi guys!
I have project A which uses baseDir in tsconfig.json and all imports go from root folder and another project which uses projectA as node dependency.Now I am getting errors of importing caused by projectA.What is a preferred strategy to resolve it?As I understand at-loader is not able to work with several tsconfigs at a time or does it?Appreciate for advice
Remo H. Jansen
The webpack build timesout for me
It is stuck after [at-loader] Using typescript@2.4.1 from typescript and "tsconfig.json" from /home/rjansen/CODE/core/tsconfig.json.
any ideas about this issue?
Bagaev Dmitri
Has anyone encountered this error?
TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentCompilation' of undefined
Valentin Golev
hi! i tried to add typescript to my (ejected) react-scripts project and i get an error
[at-loader] ./src/math.ts:1:18 TS2304: Cannot find name '__webpack_public_path__'.
i have no idea what can it be about
there's no such thing in my code