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Jan 2015
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 01:55
Okay just added Gitter chat. Let's move Berliner communications here
Going to tackle some combination of table of contents and image downloads today. Thinking about how we separate downloading in general into a background process that can fetch requests in parallel and cache results
have you used promise.rb?
Geoffrey Litt
Jan 16 2015 02:36
nah, never used promise.rb but it looks reasonable
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this also looks interesting:
my first priority is to get my outstanding feeds-and-filters branch in
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 03:07
I'm about to merge your branch in :)
fixed the tests
quick question though: should filters operate on the whole Feed object?
or just Feed.entries?
it's kind of a hassle to do this in every filter:
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feed.entries = entries
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 03:27
merged feeds-and-filters branch in
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 03:58
a very cool project if we were writing this in Python...
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 08:40
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.39.52 AM.png
images are working! (images are loaded from disk, not remotely)
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.40.08 AM.png
content is much cleaner in the body of articles: it is now sanitized and stripped of non-text classes
this is really looking useable!
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 09:22
dude, I kind of want to rewrite this in go... it's really the tool for the job :)
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 09:47
revved to v0.0.4 now that baseline functionality is working.
next tasks are all on the v0.0.5 GH milestone: s3ththompson/berliner#10
Seth Thompson
Jan 16 2015 16:12
added filter parameters
implemented by turning filter slug into an argv string (first arg is filter slug, rest of args are passed to filter class on init)
so in yaml file:
- new-yorker-tech
- per-source-limit 2
renderer: utilitarian
and the filter is instantiated as:
filter =["2"])