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Jose Añasco
Hi everyone!, if you want to try livecoding with Ruby in the browser take a look at: https://github.com/merongivian/negasonic. Is inspired by sonic pi and I've recently improved the DSL so now is more fun to play with!!, you can try it here: https://negasonic.herokuapp.com/


I use Linux Mint 18.3 with KXStudio repositories
Sonic-Pi v2.10 is available in the KXStudio repositories but has no MIDI support
I managed to compile v3.10 by replacing 'LIBS += -lqscintilla2_qt5' with 'LIBS += -lrt -lqt5scintilla2'
However, the IO section does not recognize the MIDI device
Is there a way to correct this?


@tank-trax I found the answer...

-> move the osmid folder from sonic-pi/app/server/native/linux to sonic-pi/app/server/native/ and now midi is working fine

Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with midi control_change and hoping you can give me some tips. If I sync a MIDI control_change in the loop like you do with note events, then it waits for a change to progress the loop, if I move it out of the loop, then I cannot reference it inside the loop, so I'm not really sure how to use this, clearly it can work, as the function is written for it, although doesn't exist in the language guide and I'm out of ideas.
Example code (uses noteOn as an envelope playing the note defined by control_channel1) :
live_loop :midi_piano do
note, velocity = sync "/midi/loopbe_internal_midi/0/1/note_on"
channel, cc1 = sync "/midi/loopbe_internal_midi/0/1/control_change"
synth :saw, note: cc1
This only plays when the note is pressed and control channel is adjusted. It's either in this loop, or should be a global variable synchronized in another loop, can anyone suggest a way to get this to work?
Apologies, bad cropping of code:
live_loop :midi_piano do
note, velocity = sync "/midi/loopbe_internal_midi/0/1/note_on"
channel, cc1 = sync "/midi/loopbe_internal_midi/0/1/control_change"
if (note == 1)
synth :saw, note: cc1
end # If
Found it in the end, using amp control in a separate loop sorts out the syncronization.
live_loop :cc do
channel, value = sync "/midi/loopbe_internal_midi/0/1/control_change"
puts "CC#{channel}=#{value}"
if (channel == 1)
set_mixer_control! amp:value/127
if (channel == 2)
set_mixer_control! lpf:value
Roel Thijs
Hi, I'm trying to install the latest sonic pi on an Ubuntu 18.04
the build-ubuntu-app is not working but with this small change it does:
diff --git a/app/gui/qt/build-ubuntu-app b/app/gui/qt/build-ubuntu-app
index 890d85f7f..6d999637c 100755
--- a/app/gui/qt/build-ubuntu-app
+++ b/app/gui/qt/build-ubuntu-app
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ echo "Please direct rage and suggestions to Factoid in (https://gitter.im/samaar
sudo apt-get install -y \
g++ ruby ruby-dev pkg-config git build-essential libjack-jackd2-dev \
libsndfile1-dev libasound2-dev libavahi-client-dev libicu-dev \
  • libreadline6-dev libfftw3-dev libxt-dev libudev-dev cmake libboost1.58-dev \
  • libreadline6-dev libfftw3-dev libxt-dev libudev-dev cmake libboost-dev \
    libqwt-qt5-dev libqt5scintilla2-dev libqt5svg5-dev qt5-qmake qt5-default \
    qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools qtdeclarative5-dev libqt5webkit5-dev \
    qtpositioning5-dev libqt5sensors5-dev qtmultimedia5-dev libffi-dev \
so replace libboost1.58-dev with libboost-dev
I was going to try to submit a patch but I first need to figure out how to do pull requests :/
Bob Irving
Yo, anybody home?
Trying to send midi messages out to another program on my Windows 10 machine. Trying 2 different programs atm: Processing and JythonMusic (Python syntax but built on Java). I think the problem is the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth. Installed the CoolSynth and can see it as a connected MIDI output, but can't seem to get either JythonMusic or Processing to see it as an input. JythonMusic only sees Oracle Real Time Sequencer for some reason. Open to suggestions!
Brock Wilcox
too bad github is eating everything
Manuel Meyer
Hi, I am receiving midi-Clock Signals from an external midi Clock via "/midi/usb_midi_cable/0/clock". How do I sync mi Sonic Pi with this external Clock?
chawki mertou
hello every one
chawki mertou
i wanted to start using sonic pi in arch but i can't build the files. can eni-one tell me how to install it if possible
@nuelmyr , @chawkim - you may have more luck asking on the in_thread forum - worth a try :)
Joe Porter
Does anyone have experience getting a Nektar Impact LX25 midi controller working with Sonic Pi on OSX?
I can see the device under Prefs/IO, but I don't get any events in the cue log (using Sonic Pi v3.1)
Joe Porter
nvm - Magically started working :-)
Rainer Schütz
I just ran supercollider (installed from raspbian package) on the command-line in current raspberry pi/raspbian stretch. It seems the official build (sc 3.7) is a debug build? I checked, it's the same in Debian stretch, so maybe the same settings were used? (Current ubuntu is sc 3.8, and seems to be a release build). If I remember correctly running a debug build of SC is a loot slower than release build, seems like a shame on a raspi...
Fayek Helmi
hi everyone! I just started playing with sonic pi recently and i'm really enjoying it
Welcome @256k 🙂 do you know about the official Sonic Pi community forum, in_thread ? Lots of interesting discussion going on there too.
Ah looks like you're already on it 😀👍
hallo there
would i be able to use a MakeyMakeyGo as a MIDI controller?
Mailo Světel
@kintrala: If I get the device right, you should be able to use this https://gist.github.com/rbnpi/7e01964ab8110e6df1e6d823bd9c4dcb
Sage Lee
Anyone alive in here?
I'm trying run sonic-pi/app/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb headless. I get Failed to load the fast_osc c-extension, falling back to pure Ruby version.
I'm running Fedora 28 with ruby ruby-devel aubio-devel installed. I tried building and installing osmid and then the fast_osc gem. But the error message doesn't change.
Oh and i also got scsynth, sclang, and sc3-plugins installed and working.
Ugh. oscmid has no make uninstall.
@DePingus you may have more luck asking on
Hi. That's a bit of a cliffhanger you left me on...
in_thread lol. I'm on my mobile - gitter is misbehaving when I'm trying to copy and paste things
Thanks for the directions. I'll check out the forums.
Hey guys! I'm trying to install Sonic Pi on CentOS 7 for an MSc project. I'm not very experienced with Linux at all. Ihave tried (and failed!) the generic Linux approaches in the guide (https://github.com/samaaron/sonic-pi/blob/master/INSTALL-LINUX.md). Could anyone help me out?
Benoit Giannangeli
Hi there. Are there other client for the sonic pi server out there?
Hi! Is this chat room still alive?
I would love to find an active Sonic-Pi chatroom linked to in_thread.
Does anyone tried to play with the new Ixi-Lang module implemented in 3.2.0-dev ?
Francis Toth

Hey guys, I’m just starting with Soni Pi and cannot understand something. I have the following beat:

live_loop :tick do
sample :bd_haus
sleep 2

Does the sleep command starts at the same time than the sample? Or is the sleep starting after? As far as I understand both commands start at the same time. Is that right?

Francis Toth

I really do not get how syncing is done. With the following beat:
live_loop :tick do
sample :bd_haus
sleep 0.5

live_loop :beat do
sync :tick
play :C4
sleep 1

I was expeciting the second loop to kick every half seconds. Instead, it seems to be a ternary rythm

Francis Toth
wooow I just got it! the the last sleep 1 makes this ternary. Actually this all became clear when I suppressed the last "sleep 1"
Good morning everyone, does anyone have experience running the HTML client in OSX https://github.com/samaaron/sonic-pi/tree/master/app/gui/html/public?
Hi...dpes anyone know when the midi_pc might be implemented for Raspberry Pi use?