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Mar 2015
Sandeep Mistry
Mar 14 2015 13:59
@roowilliams this might give you a few ideas on how to get started:
checkout this guide as well:
the smallest beacon I have is the sticknfind, but it's battery life is not great, because the battery is much smaller
Roo Williams
Mar 14 2015 15:01
We've got a couple of stink n finds too
stink.. haha
I couldn't believe how bad the official app was
one of the guys I work with is developing an Android app and plans to use the stick n find SDK so will see how he gets on
thanks for the links @sandeepmistry, when I make some progress with the Nearables I'll let you know. I'm meeting with two of Estimotes developers on Tuesday... if you have any questions to relay then let me know
Sandeep Mistry
Mar 14 2015 16:42
@roowilliams agreed, I was never happy with the sticknfinds
ask them if they have documentation for the GATT services and characteristics of the nearable device please (I doubt they will say yes, but who knows). We could extract those after taking a peak inside the SDK if needed
i've preorder the estimote stickers for work, but haven't received them ywt
Roo Williams
Mar 14 2015 18:07
If you drop them an email and tell them the node modules you've created I'm sure they'd expedite them for you faster
they're nice guys