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Mar 2016
Andres Vidal
Mar 15 2016 00:26
@sandeepmistry did you use default gimbal profiles? I'm excited of the possibilities their beacons offer at those great prices :)
Andres Vidal
Mar 15 2016 04:52

@sandeepmistry can you explain how you got this? @Drenerdo turns out I don't have a code snippet, but here's a summary of my findings:

"960C4A 9B-244C-11E2-B299-00A0C60077AD" represents:
Battery level = 0xa - 8 = 2
8 is the fixed offset
Temperature = 0x9b - 70 = 85 °F
70 is the fixed offset

"8C00453659EC9C476B84CE" is the payload that is looked up in the cloud service (0x008c is the Gimbal Company ID).
If you modify to start scanning with duplicates, you can use the above info to extract battery level and temp
the 0x8c.... is the value of the manufacturer data

Sandeep Mistry
Mar 15 2016 10:27
@andresvidal yes that matches my notes