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Jul 2015
Timothy M. Shead
Jul 10 2015 04:29
@cmorgan - I put together some basic docs at to get you started. Let me know what you think.
Chris Morgan
Jul 10 2015 12:57
lovely, very clear
Jul 10 2015 14:27
first of all - toyplot is amazing, only started playing with it today, but am already impressed
so great job y'all :D
anyone knows how to specify legend color as an RGB tuple?
Timothy M. Shead
Jul 10 2015 23:58
@maciejgryka - hmmm, gitter seems to have lost my original response, so resending - you can use any valid CSS color value, so "rgb(255, 128, 13)", or "#ffdd32", etc. I slipped an example of this in at the end of the Labels and Legends section of the user guide. Many thanks for the kind words!