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Apr 2017
Timothy M. Shead
Apr 28 2017 14:31
Daren: That’s great news! Now I guess I have to be more careful making changes :)
I’m curious how you would compare Toytree to ETE?
Deren Eaton
Apr 28 2017 15:35
Funny enough, right after I tweeted about it I realized that the toyplot version I had used during development was kind of an intermediate tag on 0.14.0-dev, and there was some weird behavior when I switched to 0.13 or 0.14. So for now I have the toytree conda recipe require a very specific tag of toytree. But that's just a kludge for now, I think everything will come together again once I start using text-markers and I'll hope to get it working well with a release version of toyplot.
As for ete, I really like their Tree object, which is why I use a forked version of it in toytree, but otherwise the rest of the library is very bloated, and so doesn't fit with the minimalist idea I wanted for toytree. It also includes a ton of other types of sequence analysis tools which make the library really large and sometimes difficult to install. Their plotting library is also quite complicated and even after spending a lot of time with it I've never been able to produce figures that looked very nice, in my opinion. So the aesthetic of it has always been a little off to me.
Tahsin Mayeesha
Apr 28 2017 18:46
I'm a beginner in toyplot, using it for the first time. How can I add labels for the barplot?
I'm using title to pass the name of bars but it does not work