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Sep 2017
Taimur Abdaal
Sep 08 2017 08:53
hey folks, toyplot looks awesome :) any idea when it might get to 1.0?
and how risky it would be to start using it now (albeit on a small team, so we can probably handle breaking changes)
Timothy M. Shead
Sep 08 2017 15:18
@refrigerator - Thanks for your interest! I rate the risk as “very low”, though I admit I have a hard time committing to a 1.0 release. API changes are rare, and the old API is always explicitly deprecated in one release before being removed in the following release. Releases happen roughly two-to-four times a year, so the pace of change is pretty low. If you stay up-to-date and make sure you have the Python logging module configured to show warnings. you’ll never be caught by surprise.