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Oct 2017
Timothy M. Shead
Oct 27 2017 05:00
Toyplot 0.16.0 Released - this is a bit of an emergency release, triggered by an API change in networkx, which is a dependency of colormath, which we were using for colorspace conversion. I eliminated the need for colormath, which greatly reduces our dependency footprint and makes me happy. On the feature side, you can now specify per-scatterplot-datum, per-axes, and and per-canvas hyperlinks, which can be handy if you’re embedding Toyplot figures in a web page. Note that this is in addition to the existing support for hyperlinks in text, which could be applied to labels, tick labels, legends, annotations, etc. There has been a lot of work done on the docstrings / API documentation, with more to come since this release was earlier than planned. Finally, thanks go to @dereneaton for helping fix a problem with text layout and @kannes for fixing a broken link in the documentation. As usual, details are at … enjoy!