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Nov 2017
Timothy M. Shead
Nov 03 2017 00:30 UTC
@hannes - this is expected behavior for Jupyter. If you use toyplot.png.render(canvas) without a filename / file-like object, it returns the png data directly, so you can skip the round-trip to disk. See for details.
In a notebook, you can force PNG output instead of HTML output in a variety of ways. I think the clearest is to do
import IPython.display
Timothy M. Shead
Nov 03 2017 00:38 UTC

If you are generating lots of figures in a notebook and want to force them all to be rendered as PNG, do the following:

import toyplot.config
toyplot.config.autoformat = “png”

… and then every canvas will be automatically rendered as an inline PNG.

Nov 03 2017 07:45 UTC
hannes oh that is awesome
hannes thanks!