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Apr 2018
Eaton Lab
Apr 04 2018 22:35
@tshead, is there an easy way to define certain marks to fit on the canvas (affect the domain) but not be included in tick marks? An example is that in toytree I use a single cartesian axes to draw the the graph and add text tip labels. When I add a scale bar (axes) I would like it to show only for the tree and not the text labels. Splitting it into two separate axes does not seem like an ideal solution. And I've tried setting the domain but then the text labels get cut off. I've started writing a custom mark object (which I hope to finish eventually) but even there I'm not sure exactly how to do this. Any tips? The following is an example:
I could make the scale bar a separate graph object, I suppose, instead of using the builtin axes, but I'm trying to maintain the style of toytree to be as compatible with Toyplot as possible.