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Aug 2018
Mohammed Yusuf Khan
Aug 16 2018 17:47
Hi, I just found this Awesome Library that I'm soon going to include in my guest lectures
I have a quick question, for plotting neural networks, is there a way to invert the plot?
Aug 16 2018 18:02
hannes Mohammed Yusuf Khan (Gitter): what do you mean? what kind of plot and what do you want to invert?
Timothy M. Shead
Aug 16 2018 21:01
@getmykhan - If you haven’t already, take a look at the neural network case study at … what you’ll see there is that I’m assigning explicit coordinates for the nodes of the graph, so they can be organized into layers. You could easily flip that upside down, look for y = layer_map[layer] and negate it: y = -layer_map[layer].
Ideally, Toyplot should have a layout algorithm to handle this, but I haven’t had a chance to finalize the design (and there are so many possible ways to organize / display a network).
Mohammed Yusuf Khan
Aug 16 2018 21:23
@tshead2 , Yes, Thank I figured it out. There are definitely many ways to do it. Reshaping worked, but a simpler way to do it is vcoordinates.append((x, y)) -- > vcoordinates.append((y, x))