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Oct 2016
Jeppe Christiansen
Oct 11 2016 11:00
Hey santigimeno! Does you library at random times, ping/poke/whatever a card reader, which might could trigger this following error from pcscd?
Oct 10 18:42:17 flexhotel2 pcscd: ifdwrapper.c:348:IFDStatusICC() Card not transacted: 612
Oct 10 18:42:17 flexhotel2 pcscd: eventhandler.c:313:EHStatusHandlerThread() Error communicating to: Gemalto PC Twin Reader (C0D7DAB1) 16 00```
```Oct 10 18:42:17 flexhotel2 pcscd: commands.c:1116:CmdGetSlotStatus() Not enough data received: 0 bytes
They just seems to appear, out of nowhere
Jeppe Christiansen
Oct 11 2016 11:06
Also, I'm on version 0.4.8
Santiago Gimeno
Oct 11 2016 12:22
Hey! Well, the only place where i'm polling is here and only on OS's where PNP notification is not supported. See: santigimeno/node-pcsclite@5b10f85
For example on OS X, I have to poll in order to find out if there are new readers in the system
The card not transacted error looks like a bogus command send to a card though :/
Jeppe Christiansen
Oct 11 2016 12:31
Aha, thanks for the insight, appreciate it. This is a server application, where client's sends data to the cards, so the chances of getting bogus data, is definitely there. Imma setup some more verbose logging on my end. :)